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  1. I'll leave it to the engineers for the specifics, but they are very, very similar. I think the flight directors on the 78s may be different than the 74s. I really think they should be considered H1s and not H2s. It would be trivial for a Dyess crew to fly a Pittsburgh (former OK ANG) plane, but it takes a couple of hours of differences academics for an 85 or later H2 engineer to do it if they are unfamiliar.
  2. Rosemount started with tail 85-0035.
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    The square windows came with the HC-130Ns, which were built as refuelers from the start. The HCs which were built as HC-130Hs and later modified to refuel had the regular round windows. When I was in the 71RQS we had no birds with square windows. The loadmaster had to open the troop door during refueling to pass signals to the helo. I think they modified these airplanes later.
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    I think all of the original HC-130s for the Air Force were built as HC-130Hs, and then when they put the Fulton STAR on them they changed the designation to HC-130P. The HC-130N were built later and did not have the Fulton nose. The change in designation might have been for air refueling, as the original HC-130Hs were not helicopter refuelers, they were aerial search and command and control platforms. AFSOC had both HC-130Ps and HC-130Ns, but they changed the designation of all to MC-130P with the SOFI mod. All of the Rescue HC-130Ps have had the nose modified to an "N" nose to accommodate the APN-241 radar, but I do not know if they changed the designation. The HC-130H2 and HC-130H3s in the Guard have a designation something like "HC-130(H)N" and "HC-130(K)N" I think.
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    I don\'t recall any plans for anything other than C-130s for Maxwell, certainly not in the last BRAC. The USAF originally proposed to increase Maxwell by 4 C-130Hs for the BRAC, but that was canceled by the commission. There was some various speculation prior to the last BRAC (J\'s, C-17s, etc.), but that was more rumor mongering than fact. Rumors of the elimination of the C-130s at that time was driven by the large amount of MILCON spent at MXF for the C-130s, and the tendency for BRACs to track behind large MILCON spends. Other rumors of the C-130s leaving was driven by the rumors of the AL ANG F-16s picking up an Active Associate. That happened, but they kept the planes at Dannelly. MXF was originally proposed to get the first AMP bird because it owned the first AMP bird. I do not know if that is still the case.
  6. 89-101 was originally a Youngstown bird. Maxwell originally had all 85 models, but later picked up an 86 model when Chicago closed. That aircraft later went to AFSOC to become MC-130W. Maxwell and Youngstown traded two tails and then 89-101 went to the AMP program. The 85 models have Rosemount pitot static systems, flush-mount HF antennas, and oil cooler augmenters.
  7. Maxwell has C-130H2 Rosemount aircraft.
  8. I have an MPEG copy of the 14-minute Lockheed promotional video \"Hercules and the Four Hoursemen\". It is 140MB. I don\'t recall how or where I got it. The quality is very good, it does not look like a transfer from video tape. I also do not know what the copyright restrictions on the video are. I know a few years ago, Lockheed was very restrictive about copies of this video.
  9. Interesting story: http://www.af.mil/news/story.asp?id=123104556
  10. Whiskeyglenn wrote: Starting one\'s career in the 21st TAS can never be considered a \"humble beginning\".
  11. Gates picks General Norton Schwartz, career Herk Driver and Special Operator as new Air Force Chief of Staff: http://news.yahoo.com/s/nm/20080609/ts_nm/usa_airforce_dc Schwartz\'s Bio: http://www.af.mil/bios/bio.asp?bioID=7077 I always heard good things about Schwartz.
  12. We used to use OPARS to wind CFPS flight plans, but the Air Force computer Nazis would not allow any non-Standard Desktop Configuration PCs on the LAN, so the flight planning computers are no longer network connected. OPARS/CFPS was an awesome combination. It worked reasonably well for quickly and accurately winding low-level and SKE routes as well as high-level routes. OPARS also has a duplicated system on the SIPR side which allows you to wind classified CFPS flight plans. This was awesome in the desert, especially when tactics has to generate 16 lines each with four legs with hard frag times at each stop. I used to use the optimized OPARS a decade ago when I was in Rescue, but since returning to airlift, I either use AMC optimized CFPs or CFPS.
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