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  1. I have an updated aerial photo, but cannot post. Anyone can help?
  2. Casey, I too like the new site. Now if I can some time to navigate through it. :lol:
  3. Hey Guys, Looking to return to the military. I need info on Maxwell. I checked the website, but it is the standard this a great place. What year are the planes? if anyone works there please feel free to contact me. Thanks
  4. My first TDY was to a little podunk airstrip in VA to change a main tire on one of birds that was doing touch and go\'s. I took everything I needed, but the air cart would not start. So I had to \"borrow\" an air compressor from only of the locals. It was a Sears 10HP it took almost 3 hours to pump up that darn tire. :laugh:, we got just the min pressure in. We changed it again when we got back to Pope, just to be on the safe side. I was fresh out of FTD as a brand new 5 level and scared to death of screwing something up.
  5. When I was in the Magic Kingdom( i really don\'t think Walt had that in mind...LOL)back right after the first Gulf War. There was an all female crew from Pope came to pick up an engine from the downed Ohio Guard KC-135,anyway when the RSAF found it it was an all female crew they came out in droves toungues hanging out. These gals were very professional and stood their ground and did there job. The Americans working also were out helping out anyway we could. Plane still smelled like a herk LOL:P : the next time that happen it was a C-5 crew. I think the Air Force was doing it on purpose.
  6. I remember once was doing a preflight on MS 10 was walking away and came around the right gear pod and hear a faint hissing sound. another mechanic and myself investagated and found the main tires to be leaking through the weather cracks. we decided then to check all the planes found 4 more VIP green tails the same way. took each one in the hanger full jack job and replaced them all at once went through 20 mains and 10 noses in 2 days. most work I did the whole time I was there.LOL
  7. That would be MS-8 and MS-6, both aircraft were unbelieveable.
  8. Spent total of 5 years in Saudi, 3 in Jeddah and 1 in Riyadh, and 1 in PSAB. I worked on a MED Ship that in 1991 according to the flight log(USAF 781J)the last flight is in 12/23/89 for 3 hours. for a total of I think a little over 250hrs. all of this on an airframe that was over 10 years old.My wife was ticked off when I told her what type of equipment was on those planes. She was a respiratory tech at King Fahd Hospital, and most of their equipment was broke. Go figure.
  9. When I was at Little Rock 7765 took a direct hit to the RH outbd leading edge right into the piccolo tube and hit hard enough to crack a couple of the support ribs, that smelled and looked really bad. A funny one that happpen was a Frontier airlines A319 coming back from cancun to nashville was taxiing to the gate, and a little swallow was fliting around the F/O window and then along side the right fuslage and when it got near those big CFM56\'s was sucked in, came out the aft side all you saw was feathers shooting out, didn\'t do any damage to the fan section and it exited out the top of the
  10. I notice the WC has been there for a little while. I also noticed that the Flags are not flying anymore at the HQ. I think the switch is taking place now and continuing on through the new year.
  11. I heard half were headed Louisville. The others I think are headed to Little Rock.
  12. that was awesome!!! brought back some good memories. :woohoo:
  13. The lower forward DZ windows are gone. the plane is the same basic length and the biggest external change is the 6 bladed prop.
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