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    Served at Rhein-Main from 1982-84. Hydraulic troop in 435 FMS. TDYs with 37thTAS & 7th SOS.
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    Germantown, WI
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    Quality Assurance Specialist, Moog Inc
  1. I remember P.R. Wasn't he in the 7th SOS at R-M? I worked in the hyd shop with his wife, Cameron.
  2. I did a few rotes to Dharan myself in 1982-83. I had the room at the north end of the second floor. I got really bored one night and drew a C-130 mural on the wall with some El Marko's I found. (I remember that some genious decided that astro-turf around the pool was a good idea). I also made a Bat 60 stencil that we applied to either 0944 or 0550 I think. The stencil was a takeoff on the bat artwork on the Ozzy album "Speak of the Devil" with arabic "60" numerals. I know it lasted at least a month or two until the plane left for PDM. I'll see if I can find some pics.
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