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  1. This thread connects some history of mine: Flew 65-0962 (LPN 4102) as a slick when I (and it) belonged to 7 ACCS at Keelser and 87-0157 (LPN 5121) when I (and it) belonged to 6514 TS (later 514 FLTS) at Hill. Only time I flew 0157 at Edwards was for a night test. Had a fire in back and IFE to North Base. K9
  2. Recall @FL 384 going from Hill AFB to Boise on a post-mod (short-lived) post depot mission to check out a check MLS approach; there was nothing on board but suits and gas so she didn't even seem to hang on the props. It was unique looking "DOWN" at airliners at their assigned altitudes. K9
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