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  1. I came off the boom during the whole Haiti thing at well over 175k... with a 13k service ceiling during January over the Caribbean was as heavy as I have ever been and ever want to be. We had blanket 165k t/o land waivers and used them every day.

  2. I meant AMC units that actually deploy... the 62=school house and is partially H1's, and the PRANG...I've never seen their aircraft deploy except to Central/South America, so the 53 and 61(which I was a Green Hornet for 4 years) are the 2 remaining E-Model units

  3. I believe it is a new capability. 27 SOW already has Dragon Spears there, so I think it is more logistics than anything else.

    It's taking over for the MC-130W in its old mission(i.e. har/tar, infil/exfil, airdrop, low level, etc...) plus it's supposed to take over for previously stated aircraft.

  4. My first landing into that airfield I had a "firm touchdown", it's a challenging place to get in and out of; high PA, terrain, etc...

    You have to bring your A game when going in there.


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