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  1. I've been on the road before and had a generator that wouldn't come on line so I had them shut down the engine then I hit the reset button a few times... they fired back up and were good to go. Well this recently happened again and I said that they needed to shut down the engine completely (not just pull breakers and cannon plugs) for it to completely reset. They didn't do the shutdown, they pulled the breakers and cannon plug and pressing the reset button did not work - still had codes. I agree that pulling the plug would take away power but I think you have to start from a shutdown engine for the reset to work properly.
  2. 6 years came from the rock guys (young troops who most likely were guessing). I haven't a clue what the actual time frame or the number of landings is but I do know one things for sure and that is its nowhere near 10 years!
  3. We just changed one of these brakes the other day. Was a Rock bird and said to have been one of the first to have the mod approximately 6 years ago. So much for the 10 years. The brake on the other side is gonna need to be changes most likely next flight. Both FWDs. We experience the same poping noise during tows. Never knew there was a fix for that (solid film). If thats true there needs to be a 22 submitted for Wheel and tire shop!
  4. If you are given fault codes and want to just do a reset of the GCU (press reset button) do you have to shut down the engine?
  5. Great point! PMEL should be the first stop to see if they'd even be able to cal those. Thanks
  6. Anyone out there use hydraulic torque wrenches to do the 600hr post PDM re-torques. There are several places that require 400+ ft-lbs of torque. We've contemplated ordering one but we're looking for a little feedback first. Any reason why we couldn't or shouldn't use them?
  7. What are some of the weird/funny/illegal/interesting loads you've hauled or heard of hauled in your time? I've heard that there was a crew that took a POV on the road with them so they would have a set of wheels while they were there. Not sure how true that is... Would love to see some pictures!
  8. The T.O. states CAUTION "Airplane must not be moved while the torque strut is removed. Severe structural damage to the landing gear struts and fuselage may occur". To me that would mean do not tow the airplane of course. We have a few individuals that say you can't have any other maintenance going on while the torque strut is removed. No going on top of the plane because this could cause the plane to move. Does anyone know to what extent the "Airplane must not be moved, caution" goes?
  9. "Looks like we're safe! Whew!" Wheres that? The whole thing is a little foggy and a ton of info to digest. I feel as though it is different from the last wave of BRAC because now the AF has outlined what they think should happen well before the BRAC committee is even formed. We'll see what happens...
  10. Here is the latest from AF.MIL for your viewing pleasure. http://www.af.mil/shared/media/document/AFD-120203-027.pdf If you can't open that go to http://www.af.mil/news/story.asp?id=123288620 Theres a link at the end of the story.
  11. Is there any photos of the planes in water up to the wing root from that St. Joes flood?!? That had to be a sight to see!
  12. http://www.airforcetimes.com/news/2012/01/airforce-dod-proposes-to-cut-7-squadrons-cancel-c27-012612/ The Pentagon has announced some plans to get rid of 65 of the oldest C-130's. Its at the bottom of the attached article. My question is, where are the oldest C-130's located (base) and is there a list on the here or on the internet some where else that shows where all the Herks are? I wonder what kind of shake up this would create for the 130 world? ie. If they take away planes from Little Rock where would they back fill those from...
  13. We've deflated the struts completely. We have an individual that suggests banging on the struts with a soft mallett to get any remaining air out of them before we top them off with fluid. He has a ton of experence with many other aircraft and claims he has done that for years. There isn't anything in the books saying to do it but was wondering if there are people out there doing it or if there are any reasons why it shouldn't be done. Thanks!
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