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  1. Are you performing vibration analysis, prop balancing, torquemeter runout, 135 day signature checks with Honeywell VXP equipment? vibration maybe the key.
  2. Has anyone ever experienced crossover TIT going to 900 lights out and correcting between 800-840 degrees?
  3. Are you visiting Panama.y wife is from there. Any C-130 work there?
  4. I need some help. Does anyone know the technical manual that covers painting and or placement of the proper markings on a C-130 aircraft and engine?
  5. Does anyone know of ANG's plans for repair of the T56 engines that are sent to Standard Aero. Their commitment to the contract will be expire in Feb 2014. Rumor is that they will be going back to JEIM level repair. Are they going to establish Engine Regional Repair Center (ERRC), Queen Bees, or JEIM back shops at each base?
  6. I was stationed there 1980-1982 as an engine troop with the 605th MASS. Loved to chase typhoons and hit all the islands in the process. Keith Gray
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