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  1. oh sorry the E model section these were 73 models...73-7779 and 73-7829. I think 7818 and 7829 was a 69 model, it has been since mid 80's since i seen the E's but worked on the H's from '87 til '92 in Alaska
  2. Have many dont want to overwhelm you but here goes... In the E-model section: 63-7779, 69-7818, 69-7829, 69-7830.. In the H-model sections: 74-1659, 74-1668, 74-1676, 74-1690, 74-1692, 74-2070, 74-2071. In the N/P model (i think) 69-0986 I think you mean 63-7818,63-7829,63-7830 and the P 65-0986 Bob
  3. As 168FCC says he's 100% correct. again I have seen NLG trunion bushing bad. This seems to be the last resort..other that changing the entire NLG, BUT usually all it takes is a tire change with GOOD tire bearings.If bearings were not seated correctly this may cause the problem as well. It's a trial and error procedurs.
  4. APU has oil comsumption limits listed in applicable T.O. if above normal limits, change APU. APU will burn off residual oil during startup. this is the reason for no leak.
  5. The APU is wired thru the touchdown relay switch. This only allows operation either on the ground or in flight with main gear down.
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