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  1. It could have possibly happened, but you would think that if it had we would have heard the story as with the other old stories of stupid things people did...... I have never heard of a Loadmaster or Crew Chief walking into a turning prop on engine start. I did hundreds, maybe thousands of engine starts and was always very aware that the spinning blades would take my damn head off if I walked through them.
  2. I don't think it really mattered which engine was started first on the E-models. We hardly every had any ground power units in-country and usually started engines with the GTC if we even shut them down at all for loading or off loading. If any engines were shut down at forward fields it was usually the 2 outboard engines. The engine start procedure in the check list is what was supposed to be the correct sequence, but after all these years I just do not remember what it was. It seems like it was 2/1/3/4. Some of the other models could have had different procedures for some of the reasons already listed.
  3. Spare 617 has gone to the USAF Museum. I just posted the link in the News Forum. Col. William Cauldwell was at the ceremony welcoming Spare 617 to the USAF Museum. http://www.historynet.com/storied-c-130e-goes-to-usaf-museum.htm I replaced Charley Shaub on Capt. Cauldwell's crew 1972. Flew with him for several months until he DEROSed out of CCK.
  4. Spare 617 is now on display at the USAF Museum. Col. Cauldwell who brought her back to Ton Sun Nhut officiated at the ceremony. Happy to see that she finally got a place of honor. http://www.historynet.com/storied-c-130e-goes-to-usaf-museum.htm Col. Cauldwell in his younger days when he was Capt. Bill, best pilot I ever had the pleasure of flying with! (not to take anything away from any of the other fine pilots that flew for the 776 TAS) Congratulations to Col. Caulwell and Spare 617! http://www.troopcarrier.org/spare617.html Spare 617 was the call sign. Tail # on that bird is 62-1787.
  5. Yep, I was sober at the time. Got it in Lake City, FL about 10 or 12 years ago. Just stopped in the place with another biker who was getting some ink done. I was impressed by how clean the place was and the young kid did some dang good detail work. Scheduled that for the next time he had an opening. He done it right. That is one I won't lose in the file cabinet or a shoe box. He got the details from a picture of an E model on the Internet.
  6. [ATTACH=CONFIG]4241[/ATTACH] How is this for some old Loady stuff?
  7. C-130 Aircrew Losses 04/29/02 .....saved section of the report. [ATTACH=CONFIG]4240[/ATTACH] I have no comments on what they may or may not have done. None of the stories seems very strange when we flew in an insane place almost every day. I have the full 04/29/02 C-130 Aircrew Losses Report in HTML format.
  8. You could be right. I may have some old pictures somewhere with a tail in them, but would have to really hunt through some shoe boxes and they would be pretty faded. Not likely to find that particular bird out of the flock we used. If I knew Al Gore was gonna invent the Internet, I would have took better pictures.
  9. Thanks BGunn! Got them saved. Got a lot more stuff to put up. Will try to get to work on it after the week end. Good stuff! All real history!
  10. Roger dat......... found a few more news clippings I can upload too. I will hold off until it gets here and put it all up together. No problem to mark off another section and add more.
  11. Yeah, if you got old clippings from the CCK period send them to me. I can add more, but I have to FTP them to the server. If you can scan them in and put them on a photo website it will work. Give me a link to the pictures and I can get them on with the other news clippings. Pictures will need to be large size to read the old news print. I will make thumbnails for them before I put them on line. Sent you a PM. The news clippings are also linked from the 776 TAS history and info website that I put on line in 2004. That website has links at the bottom to Sam McGowan's Anloc Airdrops story and the story that is on line about Charley Shaub. I replaced Charley on Capt. Cauldwell's crew after he got burned and Erik Hermanson replaced Jon Sanders. http://www.tanwater.com/776/
  12. Is the club gonna get some cool looking patches with a Cucaracha on them made up to sew on my bike vest? Man, if you gonna start a club you gotta have a logo.........
  13. Yeah, remember it well. I was there too. Loadmaster on some of the Anloc lows that put the holes in the sheet metal. Got a few holes through a radome too. Holed a few sheets of metal at Kontum. Might even have the tail numbers of some of the missions in an old log book. We got several other Loads that come on this forum who helped you stay employed in 72. Couple of the Engineers post here sometimes too, probably a few of the Drivers. Might still have some links to some of the old war stories about it that have been put on the Internet if you are haven't already seen them. I put some old news clipping from "The Airlifter", "Det 1 Report", and "Stars & Stripes" up on an Internet page. http://www.tanwater.com/834/dex2.html
  14. Some of us kept little log books with info to file travel vouchers. Still got some of mine. Got my old flight records too, but nothing going back to 68. If you could find somebody with the right logs still in a box you might could get a little info, but only if they crewed your plane on that date. Not sure what the USAF has in their files.
  15. Don't throw nothing away! VA here won't accept anything but a DD-215 with VEM or VN Cross on it as proof of BOG, but the travel vouchers will help. Got some of mine from St. Louis and some other paperwork. Took a lot of time to get them. Got a VSM on my 214, but that ain't good enough for the VA. USAF has issued a letter stating I was BOG and still working on the rest. Been years fighting this stuff. Got the office of my congressional representative pushing it now and still nothing the VA will accept yet. Hoping something will come through soon. Takes time to deal with the VA, so start early. From the instructions the VA gave me to resolve it they think I flew several hundred air drops off a carrier in the Tonkin with a C-130.
  16. Only the last 3 show on the flight records. I got some 865 numbers on some flights in country in 70 and 72. Might be more, just scanned over the pages. Apparently drops or we broke her somewhere. Only showing one sortie. If she was with the 834th in TSN it might be the same plane. All I could give you would be dates, air time, and sorties on the missions we had her. We swapped birds most every mission. Had a lot of TDY birds brought in from different bases too. I was with 776 TAS out of CCK.
  17. Know a couple who died of ailments on the AO list. Got a club for dealing with the VA when you was TDY from CCK to the TSN?
  18. Looking for something in a desk drawer today and ran across this. CCK NCO Club used to give them out to members when you went back stateside.
  19. Have not done anything on it lately except update the links. Got a link to this forum if anybody is looking for 776 refugees. Had a forum linked to it for a while, but it got to be too much of a job keeping the porn links deleted. If you put anything interactive on the web it gets hit hard with advertising links.
  20. I was there 70-73 off and on. Not sure when the revetments were put in.
  21. I am only about 60 miles north of Gville up near the FL / GA line. If there is anything I can do to help shoot me a PM. Got a little farm and a shack up here. Keep us posted.
  22. I hauled combat loaded pax on a refugee evac one time and arrived with one more passenger than I left with.
  23. PM sent, any ideas are welcome! If something don't happen with the recent request for the amended DD-214 I am gonna look for a hornet nest to kick.
  24. Thanks! Good to have a little moral support. I failed to link the website I "borrowed" the 834th AD Vietnam Cross of Gallantry info from; http://www.fold3.com/browsemore/hYsfPNKzwhH8JaM7bsWwQhZyIvx8mXrPY_252/ It is all right there, but to get it on a DD-215 is the trick. They might be changed the requirement before it gets here. Will keep you updated.
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