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Aero Precision provides OEM part support for military aircraft operators across more than 20 aircraft


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    a supplier and distributor of aircraft parts, defense parts, ground support equipment, maritime parts, and military aviation parts.
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  1. I call it the baby C-130, but its the Casa C-212. I've seen it used for short runway take offs, small team transport, and logistics support in operator situations. I wrote an article about it here -> Casa C-212 Figured it could be a change for everyone to read about. Enjoy!
  2. Here's a blog I wrote a while back on the C-130. Pretty cool stuff, most you probably already know about, but I thought I'd share. A City in the Sky
  3. No worries. Were all here to help each other.
  4. MRO = Maintenance, repair, and operations
  5. Oh sorry. It's an illustrated parts catalog
  6. Does anyone have a digital copy of an IPC for the C-130?
  7. Who's going to the MRO Americas 2014 Its on April 8-10 at the Phoenix Convention Center - Phoenix, AZ
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