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  1. see service New Vol 22 N 2 Regards Munir Abbasi
  2. I got reference from Service news vol 18- N2 Regards Munir Abbasi
  3. Why MLG are tie down with chain/straps when free fall emergency extension procedure is adapted as per -1 sec III @ it prevent side upward or inward or outward movement of carriage. Brief with reference of any book regards Munir abbasi
  4. Tiny clark thanks , I am also EM instructor at the home of hercules. regards munir abbasi
  5. tinyclark how it back its original position i.e neutral position, please describe internal function of cylinder, I thank i works like bellow regards munir abbasi
  6. Hello world expertise How main landing torque strut (MLG Torque STRUT) works internally, how cylinder retain its original position without spring/air/hydraulic. regards Munir Abbasi
  7. Replace the pressure control mounted on OH Munir Abbasi
  8. Condition lever SW/Touch-down sws/wiring/ FSOV Munir Abbasi
  9. ThankS MR RELIABLE Munir Abbasi
  10. 400+-20 cps at rpm 6000+-300 munir abbasi
  11. these were damage from main body. munir abbasi
  12. Hello expertise During ISO inspection, it was observed main landing gear down limit SWs are body badly damage due rubbing/chaffing of landing carriage . The gap is within limit on ground ops of landing gear. The chaffing signs were monitored on AUX jack pad on few aircraft. Munir abbasi
  13. thanks munir abbasi
  14. Hello expertise reply munir abbasi
  15. In-flight ,APU generator can energise the main AC bus if all engine generator are failed if not why? 40 kva generator capable to hot two AC buses munir abbasi
  16. munirabbasi


    Hello expertise ,Caution: Ensure that the underfloor heating and fan switches are in the OFF position during engine starting and switching of generator loads from one to another.Failure to comply could result in a burned−out generator control panel. HOW ? if so Which part of control panel will burnt out explain Munir Abbasi
  17. NATOP1 agree but how it can smooth cut off the fuel during defueling operation. instead of butterfly it canbe designed shutter valve. munir abbasi
  18. what is purpose of fuel offload valve . How it smooth cutoff duing offloading of fuel with dump pump. munir abbasi
  19. Tinyclark can you send copy of T.O. 8A6-9-5-3. munir abbasi
  20. Normally it happened due ATM regulating valve assembly. please cannibalize to other munir abbasi
  21. Excitation generator mounting screws (housing Screws) has broken from their main generator stator housing. cause could be vibration of generator shaft Munir Abbasi
  22. Aux motor relay contacts are pitted. open the relay contacts see the condition. Munir abbasi
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