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  1. 4 hours ago, hehe said:

    Typically NESA windows can be flown when in-op but it limits the pilots because they must avoid icing conditions.  This would be a judgement call by YOUR aircrew members.  Every Air Force or operator is different.  

    Can we remove Electric connections of inoperative Swing Window?

    Munir Abbasi

  2. Hello World Expertise 

    PL Hing window inoperative (Electric Heating) of L-100 Hercules bat bird. Can bird fly at its normal altitude.Please describe limitation of NESA swing window and Difference of Military version and civil version hing window 

    Munir Abbasi

    Home of hercules Pakistan  

  3. On 11/30/2018 at 10:08 PM, PAF_Herc said:

    Well if u want to hear right from the horse's mouth; it varies from pilot to pilot and at times bird to bird. Some pilots through experience can actually forecast movement of a flock or solitary hovering bird while others can't. Also, with experience a pilot's spare mental capacity on final approach increases as he can handle the aircraft easily; thus making him relatively more Bird conscious. Nonetheless, some birds just do not give enough warning / time to manoeuver e.g. Pigeons, doves, starlings. As a general rule, bigger birds render more reaction time to the pilot; owing to their (Bird's) lesser manoeuverability and ease of visual spotting for the pilot. Thx


    hu: Bat bird  become blind while approaching?

    Munir Abbasi

  4. On 11/21/2018 at 8:31 PM, hehe said:

    Are you asking what pressure is ported?

    There is no pressure reduction in steering control valve, pressure to the actuators depends on how far you turn the steering wheel.  Full turn is 3k psi to the extend/retract side of applicable actuators (left/right)


    Best Regards

    Munir Abbasi Home of Hercules Pakistan

  5. 19 minutes ago, hehe said:

    1.  What speed?

    2.  Does pilot have to use opposite steering wheel inputs to correct?

    3. Has neutral/streamline of rudder control surface, trim tab and boostpack been checked?

    4.  Are the nose tires the same tread pattern and height?  if you stick a level across the top of nlg tires, it should be level or match the level of your surface (ground).

    5. Has back pressure been checked for brakes?  should be no more than 70 psi in return pressure.  Anything more can create a dragging brake.  Easiest way to find a dragging brake is have crew taxi for about 10 minutes and check temperatures of brakes, they should be similar between left and right side.  Brake bleed kit can check back pressure.

    6.  Have you checked rigging of steering cable/chain

    7.  Have you checked the NLG scissors and bolts for tightness?  Slop in the scissor linkage can create a very uncontrollable NLG steering

    Thanks Defect has been rectified

    Munir Abbasi 

    Home of hercules Pakistan

  6. 8 hours ago, NATOPS1 said:

    I see you have already checked your struts, take a look at the wing fuel balance and wind conditions; also the FCF has specific engine settings FF and torque when checking the NWS for satisfactory operation but it is at much reduced speed. At higher speeds there are a number of factors your crew can look for: roll input (check at different flap settings); ask them to note control surface pressure (rudder and yoke, pitch and aileron) (external forces input) Also have the crew check torque settings on the right engines vs left as higher torque will cause track deviation.   


    Best regards

    Munir Abbasi Home of hercules Pakistan

  7. Hello World Expertise 

    Aircraft pulled to left during fast taxing.Replaced Steering control valve ,Brakes assembles(04). Rudder ragging. and Nose wheels and Nose  mounting toque checked. MLG shock strut servicing and balancing C/Out  and MLG tire pressure checked but defect could not troubleshoot (Repeat)

    Munir Abbasi

    Home of hercules Pakistan  

  8. On 11/21/2018 at 9:23 PM, hehe said:

    So there is a relief valve in the suction shutoff valve on the firewall.  Is that what you are asking about or are you asking about the system relief valve?

    System relief valve opens at 3450, full open (flows more than engine pumps) at 3850 and reseats at 3150.

    Suction shutoff valve has a relief valve that opens to prevent a rupture in suction line.  opens around 135 psi and reseats around 105.  I would have to 100% double check those two numbers but thats what I remember.


    Munir Abbasi

  9. On 11/18/2018 at 9:11 AM, hehe said:

    The valve is set to a neutral position during overhaul by centering the spool between the outlet ports.  What that means is that the valve should not port fluid when in neutral position, this can be a hard position to achieve during overhaul.

    Neutral position should not port fluid.  Neutral uses the internal spring loaded accumulator to take out shocks and movement of the wheels during takeoff and landing.

    Are you having problems with the valve porting left or right and not holding the wheels in center position?  

    Hello hehe Hydraulic Expertise

    Can you explain what is out put of steering control valve (high pressure ports) for two cylinder actuator?

    Munir Abbasi

    Home of hercules Pakistan

  10. 2 hours ago, hehe said:

    This service news talks about it.  If in doubt and you dont know how to rig/overhaul the valve, Just replace it.



    Hercules operator countries guys continue promoting/enhancing/contributing skill level of work center mechanic for maintaining safe operation of C-130 hercules big birds

    Best Regards

    Munir Abbasi Home of hercules Pakistan

  11. 50 minutes ago, hehe said:

    What do you mean be failure?

    I have changed steering control valves on all of the MDS/models you listed.

    Normally they are changed for leaking out of limits, changed during shimmy troubleshooting, or changed because of normal wear.

    I have never seen one explode or anything crazy.  

    Thanks Chris  hehe

    Can you submit me any lockheed martin service new/T.O regarding Steering Control Valve. or explain how it work and neutral

    Munir Abbasi

    home of hercules Pakistan

  12. Hello hercules Flyer expertises

    When NTS  malfunction  during hercules bird steep or rapid descending particularly outboard engine what happened with bird? Bird will yah or not, hercules bird fan pitch lock or not? 


    Munir Abbasi

    Home of Hercules Pakistan

  13. On 10/12/2018 at 10:21 PM, Moeed hassan said:

    Dear during landing portion PL remain much vigilent for these flying FOD.... but once PL reaches his final aproach and landing speed after this it is much difficult for PL to avoid these... So in my opinion it is the duty of mobil as well as ATC to clear enviroment from birds near the landing points.... 

    ho*Eagle become blind ?

    Munir Abbasi

    home of hercules pakistan

  14. On 11/8/2018 at 10:16 PM, Ahmer said:

    Can we use Allison 501-D22A commercial engine on military aircraft in place of T56-A-15 engine officially or by permission of civil aviation authority/ FAA.

    See Lockheed martin Service magazine news T56-A-15 Engine 501-D22A  Engine


    Munir Abbasi

  15. 9 hours ago, Ahmer said:

    Normally turbine rear bearing support is cracked due to improper installtion procedure of tail pipe , excessive vibration of turbine(improper assembling turbine or vanes cracks), and spacers between turbine and vanes rubbing each other cause of turbine rear bearing support  and tail pipe cracking. Regard 

    See lockheed martin magazines news web page

    Munir abbasi 

  16. On 10/28/2016 at 12:52 PM, herky400M said:

    C-130 world,

    we are experiencing a lot of problems with the Turbine rear bearing support casing cracks.

    on several occasions (6) the casing is cracked near the mount clamp of the tail pipe, at the had band or between the had band and mount clamp

    Does any of you guy's experiencing the same issue. Does anyone have any suggestions why?

    AD info:

    1. turbine boroscope done no cracks on 1st stator
    2. prop is dynamically balanced
    3. no discrepancies of pilots/FE concerning special issues on the defective engine

    any help is welcome, meanwhile we will look into the this problem aswel.


    best regards Herky400M

    Read the Lockheed Martin service news on turbine rear bearing support casing cracks.


    Munir Abbasi

    Munir Abbasi 

  17. 9 hours ago, Ahmer said:

    Yes,ABEX type EDP is used on both (with case drain run around  and without case drain run around plumbing) NYAB is used only on with case drain & run around plumbing.in vickers type case drain & run around system deactivated. Regards


    Best Regards

    Munir Abbasi Home hercules Pakistan

  18. 13 hours ago, hehe said:

    Yes, as long as you have a run around installed for New York Air Brake pump (if installed).  There are Lockheed Service News that talk about this.

    Thanks Chris

    Munir Abbasi

    Home hercules Pakistan

  19. On 10/26/2018 at 5:57 PM, nascarpop said:


    Hello Administrator 

    We are all promoting and discussing technical and general issuing of C-30 hercules ,see  posted bynacarpop?


    Munir Abbasi Home of Hercules Pakistan

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