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  1. For you C-130 Maintainers and Operators that have access to the AF portal there is a way to have near direct communication with the C-130 Engineering and SPO. This is possible throught the C-130 MECSIP Community of Practice: https://wwwd.my.af.mil/afknprod/ASPs/CoP/EntryCoP.asp?Filter=MC-LG-00-95 If the link does not work then do a search for it in the \"Search for a Community\". You will have to request access to the site , but is usually granted within 24 hours. The C-130 MECSIP Community of Practice forum is designed to discuss C-130 Engineering, Inspection, and Maintenance topics and provide a forum for the exchange of information that is of interest to those that keep the C-130 in shape and flying in its sixth decade of service. It is sponsored by the Mechanical Equipment and Subsystem Integrity Program (MECSIP) Manager, 330 ACSSS, Warner Robins ALC,GA. It is maintained by the MECSIP Analysis and Engineering Team, Mercer Engineering Research Center, Warner Robins, GA. Any and all questions, suggestions, feedback are welcomed. However, nothing in this CoP is meant to replace, supersede, or modify any C-130 Technical Order or Air Force, MAJCOM, or Unit Instruction. Please take a few minutes and check it out. Thanks, Sonny
  2. (/) RT WING ROOT, FWD PILLAR-TO-HEAVEN VERY CRACKED AT BOTTOM Anyone wanna take a guess what they are talking about?
  3. They should have left the tail on it sticking out of the water.
  4. Gary, There is a trophy store on Watson Blvd that might have a print. Also check next door to \"My Father\'s Place Pizza\". There is a gallery there that may have a print or two of a C-130. Don\'t forget to check the base arts and crafts. They used to have a good selection. Sonny
  5. SonnyJ

    8 bladed Prop

    I attended one of Snow Avaition\'s customer brief\'s a couple years ago and they said they were on some of the initial tests at Edwards. I do seem to recall overhearing a side discussion about the Snow C-130\'s configuration (other mods Snow was pushing) that probably made the aircraft unsuitable for testing. This is old info and not sure if it is accurate.
  6. You probably saw a Talon with the new (well not so new) refueling pods.
  7. I have a ton of pictures stashed somewhere when we rebuilt the nose wheel well. I will try and dig them up. Sonny
  8. Yeah, That was a fun job...100 days TDY there to put it back together. All off-base too. We made good mney but most of us spent it on taking in all of Alaska we could. I wonder what Dan is up to these days? Tiny, I think you were working out some ADI issue when we were putting 1660 back together. Sonny
  9. http://www.af.mil/news/story_media.asp?id=123106351 Oops...didn\'t see it posted previously...
  10. The friction washer is made up of three wedge shape pieces that sit between the #2 and #3 throttle levers. The friction knob shaft runs thru the lower center wedge and the shaft floats in a notch on the top of the other two wedges. When you tighten the knob the wedges are pulled together and take up the play in between the components on the throttle shaft. Later models started putting a washer on the friction shaft where it rides on the throttle shaft to help eliminate the friction shaft from seizing. That and the brass shims in between each component that rides on the throttle shaft would wear out are the two most common problems with the throttle quadrant. Make sure your cable tension is equalized between the cables. That could contribute to your problem. Sonny
  11. As everyone knows many parts on the C-130 get a nickname. We have come across one we aren\'t sure what exactly they are referring to in the discrepancies. We are trying to figure out what a \"Bread Pan\" is. My initial guess is the heatshield behind the engines but when I saw writeups like \"(/) RT WING OWS137 LEADING EDGE OF BREAD PAN U BRACE CRACKED\", \"(/) RIGHT WING, CRACK IN BREAD PAN U-CHANNEL WS 214.\", or \"PATCH IS BAD ON BREAD BASKET AROUND MIDDLE JACKSCREW OF THE INBD FLAP\". Then there is Disc: \"ACFT REQ NEW BREAD BANS\", Corr Action: \"NO LONGER REQUIRED DUE TO INSTALL OF TUBS AND TRACKS\". So now I am not sure what a \"bread pan\", \"bread basket\", or \"breadbox\" is on the C-130. Any inputs? While we are on the subject how about everyone post the nicknames for parts they use or have used? It ought to be interesting to see what comes out. Thanks, Sonny
  12. If it is the same aircraft I think you are refering to we (CLSS) used it to repair an Elmendorf bird when it hit a snow bank and collapsed the NLG. We also used the lower forward fuselage section structure (FS 245 to about FS 400) to repair a Yokota bird that had a nose wheel tire depart the aircraft and mess up the belly.
  13. Thanks for everyone\'s input. However, the above info are rumors and for the most part are not true (didn\'t see anything about the battery switch in the report either). I finally did see the mishap report (obtained through official channels)and there was no mention of those things in the above posts. Most of the information is still unreleasable in the report. Thanks, Casey! This website helped me get an important question answered. Sonny
  14. If all the controls appear to be rigged correctly then you may look at the MLG doors and make sure they are closing all the way. I worked on a bird when I was in the CLSS that had a 4\" gap between the MLG inboard and outboard door the unit was trying to fix. The aircraft had recently suffered a RMLG tire blowout and it took out the refuel panel. When the unit rebuilt the pod the bottom of the pod stuck out 4\" more than it did before. It wasn\'t realized until they went to put the door back on that there was a problem. There was no gap in the front but by the time you got to the back the gap was 4\". From what I recall it did affect how the aircraft flew.
  15. I shoulda asked this one too. Has this problem around a while or is it new? I know there are a few \"bent\" birds flying around.
  16. How does the aircraft fly with the gear and flaps up?
  17. Thanks! Looks like another great source of information. It appears that the details of the investigation were never publically released. I guess I will have to wait until the person I need to talk to returns from TDY. Thanks for all the help! Sonny PS Great site Casey!
  18. Already checked there. That is a good link though. Thanks! Sonny
  19. Hey all, I am looking for info on the cause of the gear to collapse on rollout of a Minnesota ANG C-130H on 29 April 2004. Please send any information you have at [email protected] We are doing a reliability study on the MLG ballscrew and we are having a hard time getting specific information on this incident. Thanks in advance for your inputs! Sonny Johnston
  20. Great job Casey! Glad to see you take on HH! Sonny
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