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  1. That's me, standing next to the drop console! This must have been taken 14 Nov 1970 while flying toward Typhoon Patsy. My first C-130 flight and first typhoon penetration, all on the same day. I didn't feel so good. I've never seen this picture before. Didn't remember anyone else being on the plane except me and the flight crew.
  2. I was a non-crew ground-pounder who only flew on C-130s a few times, but I always enjoyed listening to the engine start-up check list, and it was great fun standing at the paratroop doors and watching the "whoomph" from the tailpipe as the engine started. I've forgotten the order of the checklist. I remember "enrichment" and "ignition" and "generator on", but I've forgotten the exact sequence after the pilot (or engineer, or who?) says "Turning four". Can someone recite the engine start-up checklist once again, please? Thanks.
  3. I was with the 54th, 1970-72. Can't say i enjoyed Guam that much, although it had its moments. A 3-month TDY to Alaska was the highlight of that tour.
  4. I remember seeing unpainted C-130s with no markings whatever, not even a tail number, flying into Udorn in the summer of 1971. I asked another fella what those were and he said something to the effect "CIA E-flight. We don't talk about them".
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