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  1. Was lucky enough to be at Langley from August 70 til early out in May, 72. Crewed 7792 for the 37th...great group of maintenance guys and supervisors, Panetta and Utterback...TDY to Mildenhall, Rhein Main in 70,71...rotated to South America in late 71, early 72...would love to hear from others here at the same time...anyone know George Lanyon or where he might be living? Thanks...
  2. Bob, I was in the 37 TAS from 1970 to 72...
  3. Was at McGuire for HC-130 training after Tech School with orders for Clark and the 31st ARRS in January/February, 1969, when this accident happened...the PJ who survived eventually came back to the 31st and resumed duties there...an amazing story...
  4. Hi All, was in Langley from August 70 to May, 72, CC on 63-7792. Came from 31st ARRS at Clark, supported 39th ARRS from Tuy Hoa...hope to see some familiar names here...Leland Martin was CO at Langley, George Lanyard at Clark...MSGT Teeter was NCOIC in my Clark Unit, best man I ever met in the AF...CMSgt Utterback was at Langley...crewed at Langley as E4 and E5 ( 7 level before early out).
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