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  1. Dear Tiny, I have all these information, but I want to know when this is inoperative on B & E aircrafts. Intialy which TCTO, Service nees, service later or SB issued for these system to inoperative .tnx Regards
  2. Hello Experty , Nacelle preheat system inoperative in c130 B & E aircraft, plz any body knows about why this system inoperative,any TCTO or SB referance for deactivates this system, plz share Regards
  3. Hello Alam, problem is might be with inner combustion liner casing metallic seal , compressor rear labyrinth seal or tubine front bearing labyrinth seal.
  4. If fluctuation is in all modes,Most probably cause of valve housing.
  5. Hello, at that time ur prop is in normal governing mode or in mechanical mode? If fluctuation is in both modes then change v/Housing filter and then valve housing. Most probably cause of valve governor. Regards
  6. C130 E model no regulator bleed valve used in horse collar, these are motor operated bleed valve . When we used no3 psn bleed for anti icing the torque also rise instead of TIT.
  7. When disconnected the hose from FCU & anti icing on how to increase the fuel flow in fcu bleed no added or entering in CIP bellows?
  8. Its increase when we on wing and ampen anti icing on & duct anti icing switch Off psn ay that time.
  9. Hello expertise T56-a-15 engine at abt 900 TIT when we open wing & empen anti icing TIT remains same but torque of respective engine increase, when close the torque decreases. if any body having good information plz share with us. Regards
  10. Hi dear paulo, LSGI RPM is 75% & NGI RPM is 95% , what will be ur decision in this situation. How we increase NGI RPM ? Regards
  11. Hello expertise, Any body knows about replenishing cycle of Hydraulic MIL-H-83282 on c130 aircraft hydraulic systems. Please informs with Technical order Reference. Tnx
  12. Plz installed TD tester, it will identify the component which having problem, if u haven't TD tester and u replaced all components of TD system u also replace LT harness assy, it might be resolve ur problem.
  13. Pj, if u change FSR ,AC cont panel and Generator. U should go to Replace FCU because there is no adjustment of GI & FI rpm if prop angle is with in limit. Regard
  14. Hello pj , when u put the engine to normal ground idle, Gen frequency on frequency meter available at GEN switch on OFF position.?
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