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  1. Hey....hery world. I have a problem with One of our new, OH prop ( No 2 posn)which is fail to pitch lock. Synchrophaser operation ck, slave follow both 2 and 3 master, RPM goes upto 104.5% fuel flow also 1400-1350 but rpm does not reduce like no 3 prop which is pitch lock SAT with the throttle movement with check switch is actuated. Low pitch stop adjusted, pitch lock regulator replaced, no joy. TD controlling unsat. Any suggestion.
  2. Hey Herk friend. One of my Eng/ prop rpm increases upto 105% during opening pwr with freq and then comes to 100% after 6-7 sec with freq 400 Hz. When rpm increases to 105%, then TIT remain 750-800(-7B). After reaching 100% rpm, TIT starts rising. Again while retarding throotles back to Flt Idle, rpm comes to 95-94%( on grd) and 96-97% in flt, then increases slowly with freq. That is in Normal, mechgov and synchro mode. We have replaced VH, FCU, TD Valve,TD amp but no joy. Any suggestions pl.
  3. Ok. For this, can oil leakage occur from rear bearing(Exhaust cone/ Dome over the pump) bottom side just front of the 4 th stage turbine rotor viewed from rear.
  4. Can anybody explain the probable causes of static oil leakage aftet eng idle grd run from Turbine rear bearing( flooding in front of 4 th stage rotor), burner drain vslve( rear one), 6:O clock, lower bleed valve. Tank oil lvl also reduced from 10.5 to 3.5. But during run Everything was fine. Eng is only 1021:44 hrs op after OH.
  5. As a 1st step we have changed the gauge. Let see what happened next. Thanks a lot.
  6. Hey Hercules world. I have a problem with one of my eng which is only 1021:44 TSO. On 22 May 20, Idle grd run was carr out at Normal GI power as the AC is on grd since 16 Mar 20 due to expiry of ac TBO. Grd Run being carr out all 04 Eng after 15 days cycl. This eng is at No 4 Posn. During Grd Run everything was found normal incl all parametets, oil qty was 10.5 USG, oil temp, oil press everything was just fine. But on 23 May, it was found that, oil dropping from drain mast. We thought it normal. But today, 25 May, when we ckd the tank, oil was found only 3.5 USG. We ckd throughly and found that, oil dropping from the 5th satge bottom bleed valve, from the rear burner drain valve, from turbine rear bearing( front of 4th stage rotor bottom and also accumulated oil flooding in front of turbine 4th stage rotor. Scav oil filter assy ckd for CB pop out, but found ok. It may be mentioned that, after OH, this eng has been ops with light white smoke coming at Idle power through drain madt( breather Vent). But at High power setting, smoke not visible and oil cobsumption well below spec limit. What I can do now? Pl advise.
  7. 8Hey! Hercules world. I am facing problem with one of my prop of C-130B eng. While opening power lever, rpm goes upto 103% with Freq 410 Hz in Prop gov cont sw in Normal. Afterward rpm slowly back to 102% with Freq 402Hz. In Mach Gov RPM remain ok. We change the indicator guessing that if Frq is 402%, rpm should be 100.2%. No otgers flux. Any suggestion pl.
  8. Hey, Hercules net clients, we are facing trouble with one T56-A-7B eng which was just operating fine but suddenly one day during eng ops, foubd that oil leaks from Turbine Struts 3 and 9 Clock posn i at inlet casing with smoke.. Any suggessions pl. Thanks
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