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  1. In just about a week’s time on the 23rd of August the C130 Hercules will celebrate the 60th anniversary of its first flight. To mark the occasion Lockheed Martin have created a special website and they are asking for anyone with memories. Stories or photos of the Herc to submit them so that they can be posted on the website. http://lockheedmartin.com/us/products/c130/herc60.html
  2. Retired Talon F/E Read through my last post, put yourself in the seat and work through the sequence i wrote down and see if its working. Been operating like this for 26 years and will be operating like this for the next 10 years until my retirement. I'm done. Enjoy your retirement.
  3. No, you are wrong, we never use ground support, you should know this if you've been an FE, when you start in the morning or on a turn around, were you shut everything down, once you've done your bleed check, you get the ATM online to get the No 2 boost pump going before the manifold runs dry or select the inverter so that your x-feed valve open on No 2 so that the GTC fuel pump would get fuel from the tank. With a cracking press from the FCU of 61psi you want to tell me that the fuel pump is u/s, or have you got fuel tank pumps that we do not have, come on. Just because we're from Africa you think we can't operate a Herc, I'm sure we can teach you a thing or two, get of your high horse, we're here to help each other, isn't that what this forum is all about.
  4. To have a boost-pump on with the GTC running is standard operating procedure, usually No 2 pump on with its X-feed valve open to the manifold. Not one of our AC's GTC's will keep running without the boost pump on or the X-feed valve closed. With Eng start at hot and high conditions when we have to switch off the ATM, the X-feed valves are open and with the inverter on which keep all fuel valves open.
  5. Look in Service Information Letter No.45 1 Feb 1980. If you can't find it pm me and i'll send it to you.
  6. Was it a sudden snag, started overnight or got it worse over time? Do you start with Atm on or off? Do you always start the no 3 Engine first or do you alternate your starts? We start with our Atm on until about 15-30% and then disconnect the Atm for better bleed, especially in Goma and Bukavu with higher altitudes.
  7. Sorry Gents After posting and reading my post I confused myself. The FO switch nr 3 Hyd pump vlv off when starting nr 4 to check the Hyd pump press on 4, nr 3 eng then shuts down.It happened after a wing change when the rainbow fittings was done, do not know where they stuffed the wiring. In other words, when switching nr 3 hyd pump vlv off, nr 3 shutting down, closing the geneva lock. The eng was changed for a another defect but the snag remained. That's why the eng only auto shutdown on the first start of the day, when the individual pump pressures were checked. Regards
  8. Hi Gents, The hyd pump shut-off valve from nr 3 eng caused nr 4 to shutdown, on the first start of the day when the shutoff valve was checked on start by FO, it shut the fuel on 4(Geneva lock). Technicians found the fault by playing with the switches on an eng ground run. Must have been wrongly wired when the wing change was done. Luckily never had an inflight EDP failure on no 3, what a suprise it would have been when nr 4 shutdown when switching the pump off on nr 3. Thanks for all your inputs and suggestions.
  9. About two months ago they found two wires swopped around in the leading edge when rainbow fittings and wing chance was done.
  10. Hi Gents Sorry to have taken so long, started No 3 and then No 4 and it was a normal start with no auto shutdown at about 11 deg C, speculated that the previous auto shutdowns were temp and height above sea level related. It still does not make sense after the eng change. Suppose we'll still find out about it on our return trip in about a months time to RSA as it gets hotter and JHB is 5500 ft above sea level. Thanks for all your suggestions and inputs, will definately let you know if we find anything that explain this weirdness. Regards.
  11. So far the weather looking good for tomorrow, will look closer at both eng's 3+4 starts tomorrow and let you Gents know what happened. Thanks
  12. No 3 shuts down when RPM is between 50-55% on No 4, thats before starter release on No 4. It looks like a normal start cycle on No 4 except we loose bleed from No 3 because of No 3's auto shutdown. If you start the other eng's from No 3 there is no problem, only when you start No 4 from 3 there is a problem. If we got time before our next flight I get the crew and guys to look at both eng's when starting to look for more clues or something out of the ordinary. We're in Christchurch at the moment doing Antartic trips with this baby. Once she's started there is no problem, as long as the sequence is right.
  13. We started no 2 eng, went high speed, started No 1, shutdown the gtc, started no 3 and then started No 4, at about 50-55% on No 4, No 3 shutdown. If we start No 3 first, and then start no 4 using No 3 the same happens. The Eng was changed in the No 3 position for another problem and the snag is still the same, nothing changed.
  14. Hi Everybody, Maybe one of you guys had a similar experience, when we start No 4 eng from No 3, No 3 shuts down. Even when we start No 2, 1, 3 and then 4, No 3 shuts down on its own. She would not shutdown if we open the throttle to flight idle and then start No 4 or start No 4 first. She is like that since she went for rainbow fittings and a wing change in Malaysia. We've tried everything. Presumably there must be something wrong with wiring somewhere. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Regards
  15. Its the same principle that apply with a syringe, the Dr. or Nurse tapping the syringe to get all the air out before an injection. Light tapping with a mallet will help loosening the air bubbles.
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