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  1. Hi pjvr99 What does IPB stand for, I,ve got IPC's and maintenance manuals for the Allison 501-D22A, let me know, maybe I can help you.
  2. We had a similar problem. We changed servos, did rigging, changed the boost pack, clean connectors and checked the wiring. In the end if I remember correctly(about 5 years ago) it was either a Yaw damper computer or a Flight computer problem. I will find out and come back to you. Did it start all of a sudden or after you changed components due to other auto pilot problems?
  3. Ronc and Jake, True I'm was thinking of the Beta Lights. Never heard of LSGI lights, that's new to me. Thought that was what polcat ment, calling the Beta lights LSGI lights.
  4. Controlled by switch in the valve housing which are set to open between 15°-17° blade angle. Lights must be illuminated when the throttles are between approximately 1 inch below flight idle and maximum reverse. The lights must be extinguished above flight idle. On our civilian birds we use them all the time. We always back it up with our torque gauges especially when coming over the gate after landing. Trust me, those green buttons haven't melt yet, at least not in the last 20 years that I've been around our Herc's.
  5. Any feedback on this snag with the underfloor heat would be appreciated as we've got a similar problem on our Baby.
  6. In 1997 we went from Walvis Bay in Namibia to Rio de Janeiro, we were filled up to the brim, Gauge total was about 62000lbs. Our flight time was 14.20, landed in Rio with all x feeds open and unable to start the APU. If the tower did not let us straight in we would have declared an emergency. We were a LITTLE overweight when we took off in Walvis Bay which prevent us from reaching optimum heights for fuel efficiency. At one stage our ground speed were 180 knots, we thought we would not make it. The next year we went from Walvis Bay to Salvador, a bit to the north, out off the windy south, 12.10 flight time and about 9000Lbs left in the tanks. A bit of a dog leg to our destination but much better on the nerves.
  7. Zaherk


    According to the SAFAIR management they on a Five year plan to get rid of all our Herc's. They in negotiations to sell four of them to two different companies in the UAE, two each. There is one left at each of the two oil spill contracts and the other three that's left are the old ones with two A/C that's got more than 70000 a/f Hours and one thats got more 80000 a/f hours. Once Lockheed AD the wingbox life limit for the Herc's those three are definitely going to be scrapped. Our poor Flight Engineers are going to have to dust those A+P licences and start looking for jobs. Thats the last I heard, if I hear anything else I'll let you know.
  8. Here the link for the report on the Herc crash in Iraq: http://usaf.aib.law.af.mil/indexFY08.html
  9. On your After flight inspection, do you feel you main wheel rim temps? A hotter than normal rim, compare to others, might indicate brakes that are binding. Also what we found with some of the multidisc brakes was that the inner disks(middle) wear faster than the outer disks. The brake still looks good but on a real close inspection the inner disks are worn to the metal, when applying brakes the whole airframe shudders with a grinding noise. Then an unlikely thing to happen but not impossible, was the correct axle spacers fitted? Regards
  10. pjvr99 Look in Service News V25 No3 Pg8(Jul-Sept1998). You will find your evidence there. Enjoy 2009
  11. Zaherk


    Hi Bob My connection did talk to an ex Flight Engineer from the Sudan Air frorce and according to him the Hercs are totally U/S some of them without engines. The last time he was operating in an Herc was in 1991. He was trained in America and got 10 000Hrs on Herc\'s, AN12 and the AN26. He is now working for the UN. Will try and get more info, that\'s all I could get for now. Zaherk.
  12. Hi Sonny J, I\'ll talked to the guy who did the troubleshooting and changed the CB\'s. Check your mail. Zaherk
  13. Zaherk


    Hi Bob, Will try to find out what the story is. Got an A/C (UN Herc) in El Obeid, some off our guys are in Khartoum. Zaherk
  14. How was your main strut extensions(Pressures), are your squat switches good. In what condition are your wire loom down to the squat switches? Maybe an intermittend loose wire. We had the overserviced struts once, when she\'s loaded the squat switches made, after landing no GTC, no brakes and no Bus tie.
  15. n1dp, The Sparkies found some of the Ess AC Bus B phase CB\'s popping at 17 amps instead of the rated 35 amps. They changed the CB\'s. So far no problems. Suppose that\'s why we thought it was the Aux pump, the initial spike when you switch the pump on caused a higher than 17amp current draw which popped the damaged CB. Not once did one of the auxpump CB\'s popped. In hindsight, only the Ess Ac bus B phase CB\'s popping and not the Aux pump CB\'s was trying to tell us something but we did not listen.
  16. Chris Down Under, Can you send us photos of the broken nosegear, please. Most Herc\'s operate on dirt strips, sometimes quite ruff, especially in Africa where we sometimes operate. Scary stuff!!!
  17. Ours have been removed for years, flying Europe,Antarctic and Middle East without any problems.
  18. Tiny Clark Did send an e-mail address to your PM. n1dp Will get our \"Fairies\" to check out those lugs. US Herk We also call our Electricians \"Fairies\" in the Southern tip of Africa. Regards
  19. Tiny Clark, Our Herc Ser no 4475, Model L100-30 1972. We had the Ess AC B phase CB\'s popping on us during just about every flight. No bus off light but during taxi when you check your Aux feather pump motors for a load increase there is no loadmeter increase but your Ess bus off light illuminate. Releasing the Condition lever the Ess bus off light goes out and everything looks normal until you open the 245 to find the B phase CB\'s popped. Changed the Aux hyd pump, no CB popping for two flights and then she was back to popping. The Sparkies found some of those B phase CB\'s popping at 17 amps instead of the rated 35 amps. They changed the CB\'s. So far no problems. If you\'ve got a schematic of the Ess and Main, what gets fed of each phase would be greatly appreciated.
  20. Had a AC phase distribution diagram where each and every switch,light,valve,pump,instrument,etc. power source was shown, whether it was 3 phase or single phase, from what phase on a specific Bus. Can anybody help, please? Only the fairies will know what happened to my copy.
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