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    Retired USAF C-130 Flt. Eng. 1985, Retired Civil Service 2005
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  1. I was an FE in the 54th 78-85. Stoney
  2. In the olden days it was "T" handle first, but the condition lever shuts everything off mechanically, so it was changed. Stoney
  3. The A was a DC acft. 4 DC generators, 1 on each engine and 2 AC generators, one on #2 & #3. 13 DC busses with the "I" strip (isolated DC bus being the most important, located on 245). The B on up became AC acft. Stoney
  4. WPAFB to Kef. 1976, landed an A with 3 tank empty lights and very little fuel in #4. How about 13.3 hours on a storm mission in a WC-130H. Had a sore butt after that one!!! Stoney
  5. Thanks for the answers guys. The Benson tanks were on WC-130H, which were converted HC-130H with only one tank, due to the Dropsonde operators console. We used JP-4 at that time. Stoney
  6. Just a few questions. The internal Benson tanks held approx 11,000 pounds? (WC-130H) How many gallons? Also why "Benson", was that the builder? Next, station 245 was measured from where? I seem to remember that it was somewhere in front of the nose. What station were the paratroop doors at? Last, any idea how much hyd fluid was in the utility system at any one time. In motion, not in the resevoir. Thanks Stoney
  7. Col, me too. The last email I sent came back as not deliverable. Stoney
  8. Do you know where he went? I went to his place after we retired and went full time RV, and the place was empty. Stoney
  9. Casey, did you know an FE named Tom Gasper on 022? He was a friend of mine at EDW in the CT-ll, and AC-Uboat days, prior to going to Fla. Stoney
  10. I still have one from the -9, -7 & -15. Stoney
  11. We used to be able to see the wreck on T/O, but a typhoon blew the tail over before I left and it was hard to find after that. Our CO wanted our MX folks to cann parts off of it!!!!!!!! Stoney 54th WRS IFE 1978-1985
  12. Skip Send it to me, please. Stoney
  13. stoney


    Is 572 one of them in Id.? Stoney
  14. stoney


    I got a retirement (Civil Service, 418th Test Sq, Edwards AFB.) flight on 572 in July of 2005, 30 years after my first flight in July of 1975 (6512th Test Sq. "Test Ops", Edwards AFB). Stoney
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