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  1. Many thanks. Jade is a premature kid born in Yemen. (900 grams). Having to deal with that was the hardest thing i"ve ever done. Having fun with her on the C-130 was the best day of my life.
  2. Bob, 4827 rebuilt and undergoing testing. Hope to FCF in 2-3 months when test equipment comes back from calibration. She's registered on Yemenia EASA license so also needs final inspection from the certification authorities. Yemen a real fun place at the moment. Death threats against all US and UK guys here. One Brit kidnapped in June and still missing. Air Force heavily involved in fight with the Saudi's against rebels. Don't get to go out very much. Most westerners leaving. Shockingly, beer is now 13 dollars a can.
  3. Dan, you are not wrong!!! Since her visit to the hangar it's been a struggle getting her to go to school. She follows me around the house dragging my overalls; airplane dad, airplane. Then come the tears. Not sure wether she wants to be aircrew or an engineer. I've told her crew chiefs get all the fun (and stress) but pilots get all the glory. I've promised she can come to the hangar again when she cuts down on the beer, or stops stealing mine and buys her own. She loves her flight to Aden every couple of months for some R&R.
  4. I need to re-insulate a bleed air duct that was stripped for inspection. Unfortunatly the Vendor given in my tech manual has gone out of buisness. Can anybody help with an address for a supplier who can provide the materials for re-insulating bleed air ducts?
  5. My daughter Jade, checking out her first C-130 in Sana'a Yemen.
  6. I've just balanced Ailerons using the alt method. My SRM gives +2 to -48 but the table for calculating number of balance weights is +2 to +127. If the aileron tilts up then no balance weights are necessary. My ailerons were in good condition and only required 4 balance weights each. The SRM is quite confusing to read but the job is pretty straightforwad. Don't forget +2 to-48 is the manufactures tolerance. Field tolerance is +2 to -72.
  7. If shimmy continues after T/O it is the tyres. If not probably steering control valve.
  8. Nearly every time you fly with a prop low oil light is an indication malfunction. If you see a prop losing oil that is a defect. When a prop is losing oil, you are going to lose that prop sooner or later.
  9. Does anybody have the part number for the vacuum guage set for testing the pressure controller and outflow valve? Many thanks.
  10. Try PP22852-1 for the handle and AN56501032H4 for the attaching screw.
  11. I'm currently installing an overhauled engine into a QEC but the starter i've been given to install is of a type i've never seen fitted to a -15 engine before. I forgot to get the part number but it was made by Garret and is a -1 -1 model. It has an electrical socket on the starter but no corresponding wiring on the QEC for it to connect to. Is this starter ok to use or should it be replaced? What is the electrical socket for anyway? I also need to replace the fuel tank indication tank boundary male and female connecters for #2 main and L/H aux tank. Their wiring IPC is 1978 vintage so can anybody help with part numbers?
  12. Very good advice. You do not here that very often. Every time you have to fix the bird you have to remember the PAX are your responsibility. Always be prepared to fly and remember peoples lives are in your hands. Some Herks are used as airliners in difficult country's and as a CC you have to make difficult decisions.
  13. Can anybody tell me where i can purchase a part number 3338394-6/3303580-6 ramp hook retainer at short notice. During a ramp re-rig i found the station 6R retainer is of an incorrect type. I have requested a new one but my supplier has given a lead time of 200 days. I am also looking for a number for the aux tank fuel qauntity boundary plug female fitting on the airframe side behind the liferaft tub and a supplier for a LT-72 rear lord mount go/no-go inspection gage. My supplier says they are no longer in production. As always, Many thanks.
  14. Had a similar problem recently. Ended up changing the fuel pump which cured the problem. When we tried to turn the fuel pump drive shaft on the bench it was almost seized.
  15. Thanks pvr99. Done it today. Weight & balance was ok. Aircraft behaved perfectly and is nicely sitting on gear. No problems.
  16. Weight of sister aircraft at last PDM was 74K. I'm planning on 17 x 45 gallon drums filled with water giving 7650lbs of ballast. Aircraft was sitting on landing gear with two engines removed before start of PDM so i am confident this amount of ballast will be ok.
  17. Sorry about that. Accessing this website from Sana'a is very difficult. i've tried to change it many times but apparently i am born in 1905. My birthdate is 14.04.63
  18. Anybody out there ever drop a Herk off post PDM jacks & trestles with no engines attached? My engines are on their way from down under but the last air freight service to Yemen from the Gulf has just been cancelled and they have to come by boat giving me a long delay. (Probably end up in Somalia anyway). Last weight and balance data cannot be found so i have to guess the ballast requirments. It's a basic C-130H so i figure weight about 75K and C of G around 560-570. I'm planning to ballast with about 8K. Cargo door is still removed. Also, any help with how to pack F2-B liferafts would be most appreciated. I have no survival equipment staff here and the old ones disintegrated on removal and the new ones came unpacked. Many thanks for all the guys who have assisted me lately. I'm hoping to fly this aircraft in the next few months after being grounded for years and i could not have done it without your help.
  19. Does anybody have the part number for the aux tank fuel quantity bulkhead connector? Many Thanks.
  20. Can anyone pls help with the part numbers,qty required and installation guide for a full T80 fit of troop seating. At my current location there is no seating available and the families of military personnel have to fly sitting on the floor. It would be most appreciated for any help in making their Herk experience (especially the kids) more comfortable and a little bit more safer.
  21. I've had a similar problem with severe nosewheel shimmy that we could not cure. The problem was eventually traced to worn keyways in the NLG underneath the steering collar that lock the steering collar bracket.
  22. Does anybody have the part no. for the 'crocodile' type clips that connect the oxy hose to the regulator? Many thanks.
  23. Can't find any repairs for this area, only replacement. TO 1C 130A sect 53-40 gives procedure for replacing chine angle between FS 662-737.
  24. My current USAF T.O. states that flaps should not be extended during an EGR. However, a Lockheed Rep visiting us in Muscat a few years ago told me that Lockheeds recomendation was for 50% flap to be used at all Hi-power settings to relieve the stress on the tail and to have at least 12K of fuel on board to counter the increased lift. What is the current thinking on this issue?
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