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  1. I do believe there was a Lockheed newsletter suggesting that the scissors should be disconnected for all towing.  You would have to do some research on that.  It takes all of 2 minutes to disconnect the scissors, don't understand why you don't.  I wonder what would happen if the tow bar was connected to the aircraft, but not the tug, ground test valve tied, aux pump turned on and nose wheel turned in one direction or the other, would the nose wheel steering center and some poor individual get knocked on his butt by the tow bar?

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  2. 3 hours ago, tinyclark said:

    Maybe check the Lockheed News issues for better pics. 

    I looked at a few of those issues, didn't really see anything.   The removal of the ODS was at depot level, but would think there is a tcto number for that.   I really don't think he will ever find anything even close to what he has.  Such as it is.  

    Have a good day.

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  3. On 5/26/2022 at 4:33 PM, tinyclark said:

    Good luck, I found nothing in the books. If it were an accurate model, it wouldn't have them since the system was removed many moons ago. You may have the best pic of them. That tail # isn't even on the list of the seven aircraft that was supposed to have it, according to the GS-25-1.




    Tiny, Due to boredom, went searching via images for tail numbers with the ODS installed.

    69 5820, 5823, 5826, 5827, 5828, 5830, 5831, 5832, 5833

    65 0962,  0968, 0974, 0982, 0983, 0984, 

    66 0221

    Those are the ones I could find, so suspect most of the HC-130 fleet had them.  Although I do remember some didn't since we used the ods to remove benson tanks and can remember from that.


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  4. I noticed an Air America type looking herk next to where I work.  No tail number, just the N number N2731G above the troop door area.   I don't ever remember seeing one like this before, from what I can tell Tepper flys this puppy.  I wonder what the chances of me getting on board to look at it?



  5. T-56s do indeed sound great but so does the TF-30P100 running in zone 5.

    That F-111F motor was cool too bad it liked to throw turbine blades. I had a lot of fun running those motors, by the way you can bang first stage burner without tieing it down, just had to be really carefull. :) Don't forget to make sure the sp truck isn't behind you. T-56s where fun too.

  6. I remember that plane well, I was at EDF from 82-85 as a crew chief. I never saw one C-130 that spent so much time in fuel cell, I think we tried to get depot to reseal it but it never happened. I do remember the Crew Chief always took good care of that airplane.

  7. I was at Elmendorf from 82-85 and we where probably using those same steel chocks. They worked pretty good, all though I can remember an engine shop guy pushing them out a couple times. I am sure we jumped chocks an easy dozen times while I was there. Hopefully AFSOC will trim the run requirements down some and maybe design some chocks specifically to use in cold and icey conditions along with minimum weight requirements and maybe certifying run crews for the very cold day runs.

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