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  1. I was wondering, are there anymore stories out there similar to the Nimitz.
  2. I have the full story as posted on the old bulletin board, but I would think that Skip might want to personally answer this subject. Maybe we need a war story section on here. Gary
  3. There is in fact a t.o., I remember it when I was in -21 at Dyess back in the 80's. I would think if you call any C-130 -21 shop they could give it to you. Good luck sorry I couldn't be more help.
  4. It was my understanding that the three acft came from Dyess. I was in -21 section then, when we where told in the a.m. to inventory them and they left that afternoon.
  5. here is another pick of the same snake. [img size=499]http://herkybirds.com/images/fbfiles/images/snake1.jpg
  6. I had this emailed to me today thought I would share. This apparently took place in Texas somewhere. Reminds me of my days at Dyess back in the late 70\'s early 80\'s. [img size=499]http://herkybirds.com/images/fbfiles/images/snake2.jpg
  7. I would think a person would need a whole lot more information then what you presented. What system, what problem, what inspection etc.
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