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    • Fred
      Pitchlocked prop operation
      By Fred · Posted
      This situation is covered pretty well in the emergency procedures section.   "If an RPM of at least 96% cannot be maintained
      when slowing to 150 KTAS without exceeding
      engine limitations,"   "slowing"   One hundred fifty knots true airspeed is the magic number. If the propeller doesn't feather when you cut the fuel off, the engine is going to experience negative torque. Of course it takes a lot of horsepower to spin that compressor and turbine and all the other parasites, specially if acceleration bleed valves are closed. the fixed-pitch prop out there will try to spin all that rotating mass, and in doing so will cause a whole lot of drag. Best to ensure that the propeller decouples when you cut the fuel, if it does not feather. Evidently Lockheed determined that 150 kt. TRUE airspeed is sufficiently fast to decouple the prop at any pitchlocked blade angle that is low enough to present excessively difficult handling problems, should it not decouple. Shutting off fuel at a higher airspeed would be overkill as far as causing decouple if it doesn't feather, and would cause higher-than-necessary noise and vibration if and when it did decouple, plus higher drag if you're real unlucky that day and it doesn't feather or decouple. I recall the instructor at my very first refresher simulator more than 40 years ago saying " a pitchlocked prop is a good prop". He was right, it will allow you to keep the engine running and provide some thrust until you get to somewhere you can land...a good place you hope. Lots of things to think about with a pitchlocked prop. Best to read all of it a couple of times; better yet...think about what could/would happen in various scenarios and how you would respond while you're hangar flying with your buddies in the bar. As far as an uncontrolled overspeed goes, I recall a message I saw back in the 70's and I think it came out of  Okinawa stating that the overspeeding prop caused such noise and vibration that rational thought was almost impossible. Must have turned out OK, though.
    • KoenL
      YMC-130H 74-1686 headed for the scrapman?
      By KoenL · Posted
      Thanks for both your interesting replies. One museum seems to have shown an interest so fingers crossed, the might be able to pick it up.
    • KoenL
      Question about HC-130H(N)s 92-2104 and 88-2101
      By KoenL · Posted
      Last August I noted HC-130H(N)s 92-2104 and 88-2101 at Brussels airport. According to most sources 92-2104 is with 211th RQS/AK ANG and 88-2101 with 102nd RQS/NY ANG. I've also heard some reports that 92-2104 was with 102nd RQS/NY ANG at that time, possibly just on loan for a deployment. Anyone have more info please?   Koen
    • Sonny
      Presidential Briefing
      By Sonny · Posted
      The Secretary of Defense is giving the president his daily briefing and concludes by saying: "Yesterday, 3 Brazilian soldiers were killed."   "OH NO!" the President exclaims. "That's terrible!"   His staff sits stunned at this display of emotion, nervously watching as the President sits, head in his hands.   Finally, the President looks up and asks, "How many is a brazillion?"
    • Spectre623
      YMC-130H 74-1686 headed for the scrapman?
      By Spectre623 · Posted
      I remember going on board this fantastic flying machine when I worked at Lockheed in 1984. It was still on the flight line then and mostly complete except for the rockets. The engineers overhead panel was an eye full as it had so many extra switches and stuff. It had dual flap indicators also as it had double articulated flaps. It had the hyd. valves on the inside left aft side of the wheel like the tankers but used the system to run the extra flap actuators. I worked with the old timer who did the flap rigging on these birds. He said they swore him to secrecy and he worked several months just on the flap system. There was a set of beams inside the cargo compartment that ran from front to back and a tail hook on the aft belly as I remember. It didn't have a bunk up front but an extra seat near the nav. seat with a computer keyboard and screen. Here are a couple of pix of the model Lockheed built that are in the Marietta Museum. Bill  
    • BRlang
      Hearing loss and rigging in ears experience with VA
      By BRlang · Posted
      Thanks for the encouragement. I will get the VA Form 9 out next week. 
    • Metalbasher
      YMC-130H 74-1686 headed for the scrapman?
      By Metalbasher · Posted
      They have been asking for at least 10 years...the acft is pretty far gone and not airworthy.  The cost to move it anywhere is astronomical, hence the reason no one has taken it yet.  The museum didn't see any significance in the acft (based on a conversation I had with Ken Emory), hence the push to remove it from their inventory.  Yes it was modified for the very special Credible Sport project but it never flew a single mission, not even a test mission in this configuration so in their eyes, it was just another acft that had just been modified, nothing special.  AFSOC looked into it but too costly to relocate.  If too costly for them (and they are not that far from Robins) then too costly for anyone else to even consider taking on the effort.
    • Sonny
      Good Impression
      By Sonny · Posted
      An older man, not in the best physical condition, asked the trainer in the gym, "I want to impress that beautiful girl. Which machine should I use?" The trainer replied... "Use the ATM machine outside the gym!"
    • KoenL
      YMC-130H 74-1686 headed for the scrapman?
      By KoenL · Posted
      David Rühling posted the following on the C-130 crewchiefs Facebook page: If anyone has any suggestions please let David know via Facebook, or if you don't have Facebook let me know and I'll get you into contact with him. Would be a shame to see it scrapped.   Koen
    • KoenL
      c-130/L-100's in florida/georgia area
      By KoenL · Posted
      Bob, 'Joe Swartzentruber' commented "Off to some army training base for them to jump all over and fuck up even more" on the C-130 crewchiefs Facebook group where it was posted originally. Hopefully Tiny will have some slightly more detailed info.   Koen
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