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    • Sonny
      Swearing at Work
      By Sonny · Posted
      To all Employees:
      It has been brought to Management's attention that some individuals throughout the company have been using foul language during the course of normal conversation with their co-workers.

      Due to complaints received from some employees who may be easily offended, this type of language will no longer be tolerated. We do, however, realize the critical importance of being able to accurately express your feelings you are when communicating with co-workers. Therefore, a list of 18 new and innovative "TRY SAYING" phrases has been provided so that proper exchange of ideas and Information can continue to flow in an effective manner.

      1) TRY SAYING: I think you could use more training.
      INSTEAD OF: You don't know what the f___ you're doing.

      2) TRY SAYING: She's an aggressive go-getter.
      INSTEAD OF: She's a f___ing bit__.

      3) TRY SAYING: Perhaps I can work late.
      INSTEAD OF: And when the f___ do you expect me to do this?

      4) TRY SAYING: I'm certain that isn't feasible.
      INSTEAD OF: No f___ing way.

      5) TRY SAYING: Really?
      INSTEAD OF: You've got to be sh___ing me!

      6) TRY SAYING: Perhaps you should check with...
      INSTEAD OF: Tell someone who gives a sh__.

      7) TRY SAYING: I wasn't involved in the project.
      INSTEAD OF: It's not my f___ing problem.

      8) TRY SAYING: That's interesting.
      INSTEAD OF: What the f___?

      9) TRY SAYING: I'm not sure this can be implemented.
      INSTEAD OF: This sh__ won't work.

      10) TRY SAYING: I'll try to schedule that.
      INSTEAD OF: Why the f___ didn't you tell me sooner?

      11) TRY SAYING: He's not familiar with the issues.
      INSTEAD OF: He's got his head up his a__.

      12) TRY SAYING: Excuse me, sir?
      INSTEAD OF: Eat sh__ and die.

      13) TRY SAYING: So you weren't happy with it?
      INSTEAD OF: Kiss my a__.

      14) TRY SAYING: I'm a bit overloaded at the moment.
      INSTEAD OF: F__ it, I'm on salary.

      15) TRY SAYING: I don't think you understand.
      INSTEAD OF: Shove it up your a__.

      16) TRY SAYING: I love a challenge.
      INSTEAD OF: This f___ing job sucks.

      17) TRY SAYING: You want me to take care of that?
      INSTEAD OF: Who the f___ died and made you boss?

      18) TRY SAYING: He's somewhat insensitive.
      INSTEAD OF: He's a pr_ck.

      Thank You,
      Human Resources

      Have a Wonderful DAY ! ! !  
    • bobdaley
      758AS Pitt
      By bobdaley · Posted
      Saw this , this AM. 758AS at Pitt AFRC got 8 C-130H's from OKC ANG. 78-0806-0813. Pitt is now getting C-17's 4 of the H's are in AMARG 07,08,09,10. The other 4 are now loaned to 39RQS AFRC at Patrick. They are supposed to go to AMARG next year, 39RQS is flying them because all but one of their HC's were sent to AMARG because of corrosion. Interesting that the 1 HC that they have is 64-14852, the oldest flying USAF Herk. Bob
    • Sonny
      Corporate Ladder
      By Sonny · Posted
      When design engineers get together they often talk about football. When Middle management meet, they talk about tennis. When top management meet they talk golf. Conclusion: The higher you climb in the corporate ladder the smaller your balls become.
    • Casey
      Sumit 38 - 17 years have gone by, Always Remembered, Never Forgotten!
      By Casey · Posted
      @Capricorn47, Do you mind if I add the image to the nose art database?
    • Capricorn47
      Sumit 38 - 17 years have gone by, Always Remembered, Never Forgotten!
      By Capricorn47 · Posted
      I was the Loadmaster on this aircraft May 12,1968 which flew into Kham Duc for an evacuation mission. It was then that it was tagged as the "Lucky Duc". We were very fortunate to get out of Kham Duc as other aircraft weren't as lucky. I am so sorry for the family's of the crew that were lost in the final flight of this plane in Idaho. My prayers are with you all.
    • Capricorn47
      50th Troop Carrier Squadron
      By Capricorn47 · Posted
      I was with the 50th at CCK, Taiwan 1967-68. Spent a lot of time in country flying out of Chu Lai, and Cam Rahn Bay. I was the Loadmaster on the aircraft that was tagged "Lucky Duc" on May 12, 1968, it was painted by Maj. Reed (picture attached). Col. Bill Boyd was the Pilot on that day. I read a post by Larry Myers that he was the crew chief on tail # 62-1838 from 1967 to late 1968, this aircraft shows a late photo with "Lucky Duc" painted on it before it crashed in Idaho. I don't understand the time frame stated by Larry Myers unless he was Crew Chief when I was flying on this aircraft in country into Kham Duc in 1968. I can't imagine that another aircraft was tagged as the "Lucky Duc". If anyone has any information on the history of this plane please let me know.
    • Sonny
      By Sonny · Posted
      A snail entered a police station and told an officer, "I just got mugged by two turtles. They beat me up and took all my money!" The officer replied, "Why that's terrible. Did you get a good look at them?" "No sir, it all happened so fast!"
    • Sonny
      IRS Audit
      By Sonny · Posted
      The stockbroker received notice from the IRS that he was being audited.

      He showed up at the appointed time and place with all his financial records, then sat for what seemed like hours as the accountant pored over them.

      Finally the IRS agent looked up and commented, "You must have been a tremendous fan of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle."

      "Why would you say that?" wondered the broker.

      "Because you've made more brilliant deductions on your last three returns than Sherlock Holmes made in his entire career."
    • MINHAS866
      By MINHAS866 · Posted
      Sir seen already  
    • Casey
      USAF Herks
      By Casey · Posted
      Bob, I'm sure you probably have them but I have added more 2016 AMARG arrivals. --Casey
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