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    We have shot the 1553 to the mfcd with no results. It did actually work for about 3 days after an ecbu#12 change, but then went back to not indicating. We can't find anything in the wiring diagrams relating ecbu #12 to this discrepancy however. we're currently submitting a tar
  2. Nate Anderson


    Yes aft ads pnl and flight deck lights are indicating only the MFCD is not. It worked for a day or two when we canned an ecbu for another plane but then failed again shortly after...
  3. Nate Anderson


    Aircraft returned from a LAIRCM mod again... The MFCD will not indicate the ramp/door being in ADS position. We've swapped MFCDs, so MFCD is not the problem. All other ramp/door in ADS position indications are working properly. Literally the ONLY thing that is not happening is ramp/door indication on MFCD. We've checked all plugs/jacks/terminal boards/ diodes etc. and haven't found anything wrong. It's still allowing aircraft to jettison cargo even though it shouldn't without the MFCD indicating that the ramp/door are in the proper position. Any help or ideas would be much appreciated. Mr. Sickof Chasingmytail