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Trim indicators


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It's been a long time since I worked on a C-130, but have some info on the trim tab indicators for an E Model.

According to the TO 1C-130E-4 (an IPB I do believe), there were three trim indicators on the pilot's main

instrument panel: Elevator Trim Tab, Figure 83 - Index 26, P/N 8DJ49GBV2

                             Aileron Trim Tab, Figure 83 - Index 27, P/N 8DJ49GAW2

                             Rudder Trim Tab, Figure 83 - Index 28, P/N 8DJ49GAY2

Hope this is some of the info you were looking to find.

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Thanks for the feedback folks. I see the C130J model has a panel on the center console with the 4 trim indicators in an edge lit panel, rather than 4 2" gauges like the older models. Still a little confused about the 3 signals from the transmitter to the indicator. If it was a synchro, those might be s1 s2 s3 400hz ac. If it was just a meter movement, I could see gnd and 0-5V or something. We were trying to respond to a request for quote for the new style 4 indicators in a panel (spare parts for foreign sales or ??), and thats why I was wondering what the signal from the position transmitter was.


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