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Flap manual shift t-handle


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Hi to the c130 family. I'm facing a difficulty with the shift t-handle for manual operation of flaps. This handle can't be fully retracted causing the flaps electrical control inoperative. I have tried all sorts of tricks to solve this issue( emergency flap brake, manipulation of the stud by the crank while pushing in,...). I need your help please 

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"This handle can't be fully retracted causing the flaps electrical control inoperative."

When you say inoperative, what are the flaps doing? Not moving by hydraulic system I understand but when you used the electrical/hydraulic system was there any indications the valves moved, fluid was ported, motor ran, just the drive input to the flaps was disconnected due to the manual system remaining engaged?

Try to disconnect the linkage at the flap drive and shift it manually then you can determine if the drive is damaged or if the binding is in the linkage.  

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Turn off all electrical, turn off and bleed all hydraulics (including brake accumulators)

Disconnect cannon plug on flap selector valve and flap emergency brake valve.

Operate flap emergency brake valve reset handle/button multiple times.

Try to turn stub shaft while pushing in T-handle.  If you cannot get it to go in and operate flaps manually with t-handle, you have an issue with gearbox, gearbox brake, t-handle cable or mechanical lockup in your flap drive system.



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