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Stopping by to say Hi. I’m not dead. Neither is George.


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Been a long time. I just popped back in. Could not access my account and kept coming back to check on it. Sometime during the switch over, the text got all gobbledygook and my username now has characters I can’t even find on the keyboard. So I guess that was probably why I couldn’t access it. 
Last I posted was five years ago, when my dad passed, and I left you all that important message about getting checked for prostrate cancer. It was hard for me, still is.
It was also around the time Dan (on the forum) had passed away. That hit me as well. 

George Malone (member here and former loadmaster and was my “loadmaster”) and I were still working at transporting special needs students to and from school. 
George had suffered some medical issues, and the owner of the company we worked for, did him dirty and pushed him out, leaving me with no support and doing all of the hard work on my own. Things just continued to go downhill for me as well. Fighting and advocating for the parent’s and students, wore me down. It culminated in another employee threatening me with violence. There was zero consequences for such an egregious threat.
I quit. That was a difficult decision. 
However, all those years of transporting special needs students led me to my new job, and that is as an educational assistant in a high school class of special needs students. Yes I have a degree or two. I wasn’t just a “dumb broad who drove a bus”. 
I am still involved in “the Star Wars thing” where I wear my Sandtrooper armor and raise money for charities. The pandemic really killed a lot of fundraising events. 

George finally got his AO claim approved! And now he is kicking back. We have not had lunch together in a while, pandemic reasons.

Oh, and in  late in 2019, the karma train made a stop at our former employer and they are no longer in operation. 

Nice to see some names I still recognize. And some new names I don’t. I will try to return here more often. Maybe try to have Casey fix my forum name to something found on a keyboard.


Edit - I forgot to show this - I just purchased this cool itty bitty Herc patch from a shop on Etsy. It reminded me that I should check the forum again and see if I could log in. Finding unique little Herc items that are not the usual sticker or patch has always been a thing for me (remember those blown glass Christmas ornaments in the shape C130s) 
The shop has an APO address as their location. So I felt like I was buying from “family”  
Link to their shop. https://www.etsy.com/shop/OverlockDesign they have other little C130 patches. 
It is a small patch. The photo I am uploading, it is placed next to my name tape. That should give you an idea of it’s size.


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