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Thanks Sonny, I hope you are doing well for another Christmas. I want to wish the rest of you old timers (you know who you are) 😃 , a Merry Christmas and a Happy New year also. 
Things are good hear in Montana, and I hope they are the same where you are.

I am planning on being here next year at this time and would be happy to hear from any of you until then.

e-mail add.   [email protected]

Hopefullyl this download will work---Pics of a Montana Rail Link Veterans appreciation.



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Good Lord willing, I plan on being here next year to wish you and all other members a Merry Christmas ad a Happy New Year!!



This picture was Christmas Eve, 1967 at Naha.  Headed to Nam the next day!!!

Sonny Dec 24 1967.jpg

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Sonny, I wish you and all of you others a happy New Year also.---I plan on being around then!!  I see that we were probably both sitting on the parking area at CRB at the same time on Christmas of 1967 and New Year 1968.  

  That was my first trip to Vietnam  on 56-0475 .  I used to ask, on this forum, every year if anybody remembers my acft getting shot up fairly extensively on Jan 1st 1968 at Katum VN.  I was on that flight and boy was it exciting. We got shot (small arms) 13 times and had fuel spewing out of the left wing between the engines. Of course we had to land, and get the  (105mm w/fuses) offloaded and figure out a way to stop the fuel leak.

 Dan Lafferty , the assistant crew-chief on 475 & I took the ladder off the bulkhead and pounded some fuel cell dowells into the holes with JP-4 soaking us in the process. When we got the leak stopped (kind of) then the FE started the GTC---blowing hot exhaust on the large fuel pool while I transferred the fuel at the fuel panel to balance the wings for take-off.  Anyway, we made it back to CRB and I spent the night over in Fuel Cell ---no power--in the dark-- in VC country (or so it seemed)  until daylight waiting to get out of there.  Over the years on this forum I used to tell this same story hoping to find somebody who remembered it! No luck, so I finally quit trying.  Now that quite a few years have gone by, I am asking again. I may have gotten the dates mixed up, but I doubt it. I do remember that everywhere we went that day, we were hauling and off loading ammo while the bases were under attack.   Most of the time pushing it out onto the cement while taxiing .  I know that TET started that month, but towards the end of Jan.

  If any of you guys remember something happening like that during the same time over there, I would appreciate hearing from you. at [email protected]  One more memory is that I remember a change of command --or something like that,  that I got stuck marching in at Naha, the flight crew got medals for that mission.  Which of course is par for the course, but ---how would you feel watching that knowing that you and your partner did all of the work?  I have no idea where the flight crew was when all of that was happening.

So, thanks for listening, and helping me get that off my chest all of you have a good 2022.

Ken Carlson      




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