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Aeroproducts three-bladed synchrophasing?

Ralph Brands

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I'm trying to resolve a discussion regarding the A model three-bladed props.  I flew A models (53-3133, 55-0022, 55-0024) in the 1970s at Hanscom Fld, Kirtland AFB and Wright-Patterson AFB in A.F. Systems Command.  My recollection is that the A model three-bladed props had synchronizing, but no synchro-phasing.  I certainly remember the "prop beats" flying them, the the super quiet of the E model when we got one of them.    I've researched Aeroproducts web site, which seems to imply they were synchro-phased.  Can anybody confirm or deny my recollections?  I wish I had kept my A Dash-1.

Thanks in advance,

Ralph Brands

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