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Seeing who is left of the old group!


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I was thinking it would be nice to see if after all of these years there are still some guys out there that are still looking for some word about their old friends.  Especially in the late 60's to the early 70's.  You know, the guys from Naha, CCK. Ubon, Tachikawa, Clark, Max Tan etc.  All were Viet Nam Veterans probably!

  Maybe we could post a pic or two ---if we still remember how!!!

I will try 1st:

I know all of these people






Blind Bat Crew 1968.jpg

DSCF1676 (1).JPG



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Not in your group of close friend's but was in the 41st out of Naha. One trip to Ubon and plane took a shell fire to right wheel well on second flight. Never had the chance to return, but did fly one time dropping flares! Many trips to CRB after that. Always on A models until I went to Pope. Now living in Arizona.



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Dallas. thanks for replying to my query. What years were you stationed at Naha in the 41st. One of my classmates from Tech School was in the 41st while I was there in late 67 thru early 69.  Of course I can't remember it now.  I will see if I can post a pic of my class..  

  Also, there are probably several guys in my class that some you guys may know . If so, I would like to hear about them etc.

I will attach a pic or two of my class as soon a I sign off!   Also, I just remembered running in to a guy I graduated high school with. (1964) . His name is Larry Barndt and he was in charge of the 780 section or the other supply room at Naha.  He had his wife there also.  He is still kicking and lives in Wyoming.

I will be back with a pic or two of my Tech School class.


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