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C-130 Operators


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Hi Casey

Went to look for operators, and found you were a couple short. South African Air Force operates 9 C130B\'s which were recently upgraded to BZ with full glass cockpits. 7 were origionally purchased around 1961 - 1963, and are still in service. Another 2 B\'s and 3 F\'s were obtained from US Navy in mid 90\'s. F\'s had too much corrosion and were never brought into service. http://www.saairforce.co.za/the-airforce/aircraft/22/c-130bbz-hercules

SAFAIR is a commercial aviation company and has used C130\'s for many years. They do still operate several L100-30\'s. http://www.safair.co.za/index.php?option=3&id=1&com_id=61&parent_id=48&com_task=1

Then, of course, Saudi Arabia is still operating a mixed bag of C130E/H/H-30 & L100-30

[img size=500]http://herkybirds.com/images/fbfiles/images/HZ128.jpg


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I\'m a little confused as to where you are saying we short. If you are refering to the Production list from the downloads page, Bob Daley is the autor of it. Please forward any updated info you have to him. If you are refering to the gallery, it is not a complete listing. If you have photos you would like added, please e-mail them to me.


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My apologies ..... Gallery: Non-US Operators, and Civilian Operators

[img size=640]http://herkybirds.com/images/fbfiles/images/SAAFHerc_401_01r.jpg

SA Air Force #401

SAAF Tail No\'s and Construction No\'s

C-130B / BZ (Original)

401 c/n 3724

402 c/n 3749

403 c/n 3750

404 c/n 3764

405 c/n 3765

406 c/n 3767

407 c/n 3769

C-130B (ex-USAF)

408 c/n 3526

409 c/n 3530

C-130F (ex-USN)

410 c/n 3636

411 c/n 3660

412 c/n 3696

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All of those are listed in the Production List.

The Production List is in Excel format and can be sorted by operator.

If you can\'t download the Production List, send me your e mail address and I\'ll send you a copy.

As to the Gallery Pictures, my part is about 8000 pictures of most (2200+) of the 2300 built. You can look them up by Lockheed construction Number and Casey has made a conversion chart of tail number to Lockheed number if you need that.

The other sections of the gallery are being put together by Casey as people send in pictures, so many are not there yet.

If you have any you would like posted, please send them to Casey or me.

[email protected]

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