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Defense Biometrics Identification System Implementation (DBIDS) ???

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Have any of you heard of this DBIDS thing?

Seems everyone is supposed to get fingerprinted and their ID cards scanned and if not done we will no longer have access to the base.

I was not notified of this nor were many other retirees. I happened across an old friend today who told me about it and I guess I will have to go wait in line for hours tomorrow to get this done.

DBIDS supposedly stands for “ Defense Biometrics Identification System Implementation."

If you know about this tell me what it is for and about.


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Full ID check here at Tyndall... Finger print is copied to the ID card and scanned at the gate... If scan dosen't show the update then access is denied.. DOD window stickers are not being issued here... It makes it hard to get into DOD installations that are not using the new system... We have updated the ID cards and then registered the vehicles at the Navy base across town for easy access elsewhere.....Homeland Security is linking our mil ID cards to your state ID system... Anyone can tell if you have a driving record also if yiou were grounded for a drinking problem.....

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So do us old fart retirees have to get a new card or not?

I have done a search and have only found "new paperwork required for an ID card", nothing about everybody needing a new card.

I guess if I need a new one it will be a good reason to check out the awesome looking air-park at Griffis.

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For you "older" ones who have turned 65 don't forget you need to renew your ID card, it become indef. at 65. I have been using Navy Corpus without a problem since I turned 65 a few years ago, like not got onto Barksdale AFB, had to make Pass & ID my first stop, was escorted there by the air cops.

Mike Thompson

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Yep, I meant Grissom, not Griffis.

I always get those screwed up!

As for the ID card thing for retirees, I still cant find anything that says I have to get a new one before this one expires. Maybe I'm just not searching in the right places.

The thing that makes me laugh and scratch my bald head is the front of my card says "indefinite" but there is an expiration date on the back, eek - I told the wife that was so she can plan on when she's going to get that big lump of life insurance money

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They are using it at Robins full time now but it was a long time coming. As with all the other software products they buy into, there were several delays to full implementation (I'm sure some cost overruns too). Like I said, being used at Robins but guards don't use it half the time and then it's not every one in the vehicle, just randomly to keep the terrorist on their toes. They said it would be faster for checking and decrease gate traffic...haven't seen that yet...don't think we will either.

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