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    retired MSgt USAF,15 years MC-130E Combat Talon maintenace/aircrew 1976-1980
    1st SOS Kadena AB
    1st SOS Clark AB
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    Valdosta, GA
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  1. The most I remember in a MC-130E was about 33000.
  2. 4 days and I am retired again, 20 years teaching middle school.
  3. Moody AFB would be the logical place since they already have an air park with a memorial to Maj. McIntosh.
  4. All 5 confirmed dead. Direct impact to the side of a mountain.
  5. Happy Veteran's Day to all. Just started a Wall Of honor at the Middle School where I teach. Very intersting pictures. I will post a picture after it is completed. Already have one that I knew. Lyn McIntosh. His son is a teacher here.
  6. He flew out of Afghanstain to Germany on (guess) a "C-130".
  7. My son who is a combat medic in the Air Force just left Afghanistan headed home, but my other son who is in the 160th SOAR is going there in January.
  8. At Clark we did FCF's during daylight hours. Sure would not want to fly into Crow Valley at night with a system flying you a couple hundred feet low.
  9. Special Ops-94% Comabat Infantry-94% Engineer-75% Artillery/Aircraft-75% Support Gunner-69% Medic-56% Officer-56% Civilian-0%
  10. At Clark in the late 80's some of us were issued 9mm's daily to carry. The NPA was targeting certain squadrons. We had to go through use of deadly force training.
  11. MC-130E 64-0547 North Vietnam Dec 29, 1969 All crew lost
  12. Anyone know where 1843 is at. Still at 711 SOS AFRC. Bob
  13. bathtub, system 56 radome ecm beaver tail
  14. Col. Darrell Grapes passes away. His obituary can be read at straygoose.org.
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