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    I joined AF in Oct 1972 as a 1 and 2 engine jet aircraft crew chief, left active duty Oct 1980.

    My first assignment I worked Transient Alert at Patrick AFB Florida form 1973 - 1974. It was the best assignment of my career. I met my wife there and we married in December 1973. In TA I had the fortune of taking care of the all the Apollo astronauts T-38's as the runway was not yet built at the cape. I met most of the old timers, all of them seemed down to earth.

    I spent 1974 - 1977 as crew chief on a T-39 at Ramstein Germany. Another great assignment. I was the crew chief on the CINC-USAFE's plane for General Ellis. I also flew as part of the crew.

    Next I was Dock Chief then training instructor on the F-4E at Seymour Johnson NC for three years.

    I left active duty in 1980, moved to Hickory NC, pursuing a degree in engineering and started work at Corning in RD&E. I have been with them 35 years.

    I asked a recruiter at Seymour Johnson about Air Guard or Reserves in the area I was moving and he said there was nothing.

    I found out 10 yrs later there was a C130 unit in Charlotte NC (30 minutes from home). I went to Charlotte talked to the local recruiter and was in the guard three days later. I joined the NCANG as C130 crew chief 1990. Over the next 18 years I traveled to 54 countries and went on four deployments totaling 18 months.

    I left the Air Guard as a MSgt May 2008. I than had four years in the reserves, retiring in September 2012.

    I would not trade my time in the service for anything, I had one three year overseas tour and my short tours added up to another four years. It was a lot of time being away from family but hey have all survived.
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    R&D Engineer for Corning

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  1. Sorry Ken, I read the thread to fast thought it was your birthday, but Happy Birthday anyway.
  2. Happy birthday Ken! Sorry I missed it. Congrats on your retirement Casey and good luck. I finally get to retire a second time (first time military) then this Friday from my civilian job.
  3. C130Hcc


    Kind of reminds me of spring in Kuwait. We had a contest to see who could kill the most flies in one shot. The record was 28. Nasty things.
  4. Sorry Ken I missed your birthday, anyway happy Valentines Day, oops missed that one too.
  5. Thanks Ken and all, love the humor Sonny.....
  6. Amen brother, Not much coming out on this yet. Fox news doesn't even know what branch of service it was from. From AF Times: http://www.airforcetimes.com/story/military/2015/10/01/c-130-crashes-afghanistan/73173916/From
  7. Good to here you are doing well Chris. A trip will do you good also.
  8. This is a funny Blond Star call on YouTube
  9. Must have been a Yankee that wrote this. "You only own five spices: salt, pepper, mustard, Tabasco and ketchup". We never use Tabasco sauce it's Texas Pete or nothing, y'all
  10. Does this mean the looters will get one day or two for a pair of shoes?
  11. Link did not work but the whole article was there: New Link: http://myfox8.com/2014/12/02/2-planes-make-contact-during-flight-training-near-fort-bragg-land-safely/
  12. I saw this a few weeks ago printed on the back of a new septic tank pump truck. "On weekends we deliver milk"
  13. C130Hcc


    I was in transient alert at Patrick AFB in 73-74 (before the Cape had a runway). We would close the east-west runway and I would get to park the Guppy. It was usually there to unloaded components for the the Apollo launch assemblies. It was always amazing watching it get unloaded.
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