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  1. Sorry Ken, I read the thread to fast thought it was your birthday, but Happy Birthday anyway.
  2. Happy birthday Ken! Sorry I missed it. Congrats on your retirement Casey and good luck. I finally get to retire a second time (first time military) then this Friday from my civilian job.
  3. C130Hcc


    Kind of reminds me of spring in Kuwait. We had a contest to see who could kill the most flies in one shot. The record was 28. Nasty things.
  4. Sorry Ken I missed your birthday, anyway happy Valentines Day, oops missed that one too.
  5. Thanks Ken and all, love the humor Sonny.....
  6. Amen brother, Not much coming out on this yet. Fox news doesn't even know what branch of service it was from. From AF Times: http://www.airforcetimes.com/story/military/2015/10/01/c-130-crashes-afghanistan/73173916/From
  7. Good to here you are doing well Chris. A trip will do you good also.
  8. This is a funny Blond Star call on YouTube
  9. Must have been a Yankee that wrote this. "You only own five spices: salt, pepper, mustard, Tabasco and ketchup". We never use Tabasco sauce it's Texas Pete or nothing, y'all
  10. Does this mean the looters will get one day or two for a pair of shoes?
  11. Link did not work but the whole article was there: New Link: http://myfox8.com/2014/12/02/2-planes-make-contact-during-flight-training-near-fort-bragg-land-safely/
  12. I saw this a few weeks ago printed on the back of a new septic tank pump truck. "On weekends we deliver milk"
  13. C130Hcc


    I was in transient alert at Patrick AFB in 73-74 (before the Cape had a runway). We would close the east-west runway and I would get to park the Guppy. It was usually there to unloaded components for the the Apollo launch assemblies. It was always amazing watching it get unloaded.
  14. Cool a C130 Jet: Amazing how well informed journalists are. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2723743/Cameron-set-arrive-Britain-today-amid-mounting-anger-left-lunch-Iraq-burned.html
  15. Hawaii hasn't endured a hurricane threat since 1992, but this week the islands stared down not one but two major storms. Hurricane Iselle was downgraded to a tropical storm as it hit the Big Island, the Associated Press reported. A trailing storm, Julio, picked up steam, however. For decades, military aviators have been tempting fate by flying through these massive storms at sea. Their weapon of choice is the Lockheed WC-130. Read more: http://www.businessinsider.com/plane-flew-iselle-hurricane-hawaii-2014-8#ixzz3ABaXNXzb
  16. This just seems too curious. The latest articles in the AF Times has a little more information. It says he was in a compartment over the wheel well. I don't remember any area big enough for someone to get into over the wheel well, and they also say no one during the different sorties before landing at Ramstein saw anything. It said for him to get into the area an exteranl panel had to be removed. Unless he had help, how did he get the external fasheners re-attached? I was on H-3s, are the J models over the wells much different? From AF Times: The plane in which the body was discovered made stops after leaving Mali, meaning the boy would have been in the wheel well during takeoffs and landings in Africa. The inspection of the area where the body was found “required the removal of an exterior fuselage panel, something that is not normally done during normal mission pre- and post-flight inspections,†“It is not known how the stowaway got on the aircraft, the area where the body was found was not one that we believed a person could access or fit into, so we will review this in the course of our investigation.â€
  17. I was thinking Benny Hill....
  18. Mark, we had the stickers when I was at Ramstein also. If you are interested they can still be found on the internet. Nice for the guest bath. http://www.amazon.com/Hanoi-Jane-Urinal-Target/dp/B00CC3XPZK http://www.lznam.com/hanoi-janes-urinal-stickers-p-3553.html?osCsid=e9c80b2be0eefafb4bbef19bae2369e8
  19. Yes this is a good story but is a 2003 email hoax. As much as I would like the story to be true. The same email used John F'n Kerry in a later version. http://www.snopes.com/movies/actors/fonda.asp
  20. I'm not familiar with the term "the Hawk" but I have to agree with Mark18 and Larry about Norway. I guess you would call it The Hawk by the attached descriptions. Lista Norway is south of Boda right on the North Sea. If you go to far off the end of the runway you are in the drink. It was -10 degrees, 30 mph winds, with the snow blowing sideways. I was trying to get the bird refueled so we could get out of there.
  21. C130Hcc


    I agree Obama is the C and C and I respect the office of the president but not this president. I can’t understand how an admitted marijuana and cocaine user and someone who would have tried heroine if he didn’t hate his dealer so much (quotes from his book) can now have access to the nuclear football. When I enlisted in 1972 any one of those three drugs would have totally disqualified you from ever putting on the uniform let alone be president.
  22. C130Hcc


    Around here it seems everyone lowers the flag whenever someone dies. It doesn't matter who it is, that is just infuriating. In no way should the flag be lowered for Mandela. If you read the true biography of the man he may have done some good but did just as much bad. I did not agree with all of George Bush's policies but at least I knew he respected the office and he would do what is needed to protect the US. I don't think if Bush died today Obama would call for the flags to be lowered. Two things that really irritate me are those who use the terms Bush Jr and Bush Sr. They are two different people with different middle names. It is just a show of disrespect towards both of them. Second is I absoleutly, positively will not believe anything that is printed in Wikipedia. It is a liberal haven for falsehoods. If a conservative view is posted that someone doesn't like, it is removed and trash is put in it's place without verification. I spent 8 years active duty, left the service for 10 years then 18 years guard and 5 years reserve. While in the guard I did over 3 years of shorts tours include 4 deployments of 18 months all over SW and Central Asia all while holding down a full time job with a wife and two kids. Just because you joined the guard there is no guarantee you won't be in harms way. Just my 2 cents.
  23. C130Hcc

    JFK Assination

    I was in 6th grade. An administrator knocked on our room door and told our teacher what happened. Our teacher went ballistic and said she did not like jokes being told like that. The administrator said no, no, no it's the truth. Our teacher started crying and tried to compose herself before telling us.
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