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Embargoed Libyan Air Force Hercules

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Does anyone know what happened to teh eight C-130H Herks destined for the Libyan Air Force that were embargoed by the US and remained at Marietta since the early seventies? C/N & S/N listed below:

C/N S/N Model Remarks

4515 119 C130H WFU Marietta (Libyan AF embargo)

4518 120 C130H WFU Marietta (Libyan AF embargo)

4523 121 C130H WFU Marietta (Libyan AF embargo)

4525 122 C130H WFU Marietta (Libyan AF embargo)

4536 123 C130H WFU Marietta (Libyan AF embargo)

4538 124 C130H WFU Marietta (Libyan AF embargo)

4540 125 C130H WFU Marietta (Libyan AF embargo)

4541 126 C130H WFU Marietta (Libyan AF embargo)



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Still at the Lockheed Georgia plant.

They were reportedly serviced for a few years in case the embargo was lifted but they are now essentially scrap metal with corrosion and other problems from what i was told back in \'99. They also reportedly had spares etc inside the aircraft as well.

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Was at Dobbins working on the newer autopilot test on 7765 around 1988-1989, had the guys at lockheed show us the Libyan herks and even then planes were scrap metal. But, according to Lockheed they were not going to touch them because the State dept is paying for parking them there. When I saw them they looked in terrible shape. lockheed is probably still charging the government.

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Okay, everyone! Thanks for the help. I did look them up on Google Earth, but the images are 3-4 years old, so no telling what happened since, but it is very plausible that DOS is paying Lockheed to store the eight a/c indefinitely. Thanks again for the input.



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parts may be going to libya


I was on a flight to washinton this week. My seatmate was a lockheed guy. Just at Lockheed taking stock of the stuff. They cracked some crates. T-56 engines like they just came off the line. All the parts were sealed so they got headers that look brand new. To bad the planes are not that way. Total loss write offs. They should just pack all those parts into a C-5b and fly them over and drop them off and be done. But I guess someone has to make some more money on stuff that was paid in full 35+ years ago. They want to get a few Libyans over to review what they want to keep. All of this I guess started backup up after the embargo and terrist list removal.

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Still sitting there rotting away...worthless condition now, acft and all the spares inside.  Word is that after Kadafi was killed, Libya inquired about these and what it would take to restore them...they were laughed at.


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