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KC-130F 148895 Twenty-Nine Palms crash questions

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That\'s all I\'ve found on it.

I would highly doubt that the engines decoupled during takeoff. The engine indications would be similar to a flameout, except for the actual flaming out part. The engines were designed to decouple due to excessive negative torque. The only way that could happen on takeoff is if the engine flamed out in the first place and the engine started windmilling like crazy due to airspeed. If they did decouple without flaming out, there is a good chance of recoupling if the engine is still running.

Sorry I don\'t know any good facts about this particular incident, only that two engines failed at a critical stage of flight, and I doubt that simply decoupling was the root cause of the problem.

Edit- This website keeps adding _ in certain locations of a weblink, making it not work. To use the link, just highlight the link, copy and paste it to your browser, then delete all the _\'s in the link and it will take you right to the aviation-safety.net database for this incident.

:laugh: It\'s doing it again. Can you say website BUG?

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I have seen more than a couple decouple with power on. It always worked out to a failed safety coupling. Its a mechanical device and like all mechanical devices they have just so much life.

I have never heard what the cause for this crash was but strangely enough these guys were crashing within a few hours of 213 crashing in the Stan.





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Well reading that is very informative.

Seeing as they are Marines, did the flay the skin off of the FE - SLOWLY - as they should have?

Its really amazing, the FE has to most hours on the crew (with all but the AC having significantly less than a 1000 hours) and he should have been the linchpin to keeping everybody on the same sheet of music and failed miserably, but then again he apparently caused the malfunctions in the first place.

I am firmly convinced that Murphy makes things like these happen every few years so the CRM instructors occasionally have new material to teach.

You wont hear me say this often but I really feel sorry for the AC on this plane, sure he made mistakes but the climate was worse than a single seat aircraft - his crewmates were working against him!

You would think the FE would have enough balls to fess up in the first place but he pulls the Regan \"I dont recall\" routine, I have never had any respect for that crap.


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