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  1. A C130J was lost at Jalalabad airfield and all six service and five civilian were lost. The aircraft from 774 expeditionary squadron serial is at moment unknown. We ask our dear Lord to keep these souls safely in his arms and bring comfort to their loved ones. Regards Col
  2. A C130J was lost at Jalalabad airfield and all six service and five civilian were lost. The aircraft from 774 expeditionary squadron serial is at moment unknown. We ask our dear Lord to keep these souls safely in his arms and bring comfort to their loved ones. Regards Col For consolidation purposes, all posts in this thread were moved to the here. --Casey
  3. serial [cn]3212[/cn] the last C130A ex RAAF appears to be sold to a group who will operate her out of Australia. My understanding she is in pretty good shape, can any one elaborate more on what work was done. I will keep you posted as the facts come out Regards Col
  4. Have a claim with VA down here for hearing loss Need to know the DB levels both externally and intenally on a C130A and C130E Many thanks Col
  5. 124200 lbs for a C130A is what we used Col
  6. The original Australian c130 squadron no 36 squadron with over 500,000 hours on 12 airframes, no accidents since 1958. Coupled to 37 squadron who from 1965 have almost another 400,000 hours accident free ,on 12 airframes too. We were taught good by the USAF exchange pilots two at least have gone to herky heaven. A great job by our maintainers coupled to an excellent aircraft.. Regards Col
  7. Sorry to hear about your boy, but hope that he will soon up and about and back to normal. Giz and I go back many years and he well knows my "other Air Force background". On one of my trips we were tasked to fly out to a little Island in the Pacific called Nauru. We went to pick up an eight year old girl who had fallen out a tree and damaged her back. She was heavily sedated and I said to the doctor will she be ok, to which he replied kids usually pull though OK and often long before the parents do. We went to the hospital to see her a month later and she was really doing well. We took her toys and we also bought her a proper bed to sleep in, which we did not tell her about until she saw it tied down on the ramp. Much tears of joy from both daughter and mother, things like that make life pretty good. May God reach down and bless you all, and we will follow your progress. Regards Col
  8. Tin Whistle Dan Wilson was a great guy, and his kindness knew no bounds he really helped my daughter who had a special request and presto it was done. Sad in our family to see him go perhaps if you could send me some details PM if you feel more comfortable. It will be good when we are all on the ramp together, where the airplanes never need cleaning, never have any right ups and we always have tailwinds. When I see the pain and hardships that some folk go through it makes we glad that we are going to something better. Gizard how is that lovely nurse of yours going. All the best Col down under
  9. herkman


    I have never really been away but tend to stay in the background unless I have something to say that helps. How is lovely daughter getting on. please send me your snail mail address Regards Col
  10. herkman


    [bob Daley] Can you send me your snail mail address I have something to send you Regards Col
  11. Bob Merry Xmas Both Aussie are long gone Regards Col
  12. To respect the AC130 Batch of troops were being hasled by the Viet Cong and called for air support. The AC130 Commander called them up and said I can see you and I can see them too. Please pull your troops back 30 feet. They complied and the AC130 came along and did its job and well done too. They then did the body count but also marked where the fire had stopped. And it stopped 30 feet from where they pulled back to. The Australian Army had all the respect for the gunships. I just wonder how many lifes they saved. Thanks guys Col
  13. Hi Dan trust all is going fine. How about an update on the house, a great interest of mine and we do not see many older dwelling down here Thanks Col
  14. In 1958 I was given a Lockheed about 2" round screwdriver by the crew chief on an A model. The airplane had come down from Japan was supporting some F100's that had come here for exercises. The driver has served ne well and had been stolen two times, but old age has caught up with it. Can any one tell me how I could obtain another. Many thanks Col Tigwell
  15. Thanks guys much appreciated Regards Col
  16. Now Bob Woods may know as he sent it to me a long time ago It is an Ode and starts Do not stand at my tomb and weep Does any one know its source and who wrote it. Thanks Col
  17. Can any one explain the difference in rough or unprepared fields for these two aircraft. Having some britt leading the push that the A400 can operate in worse field conditions than the C130 and C17. If I recall when we got the A models where we were shown a C130 operating in a soft field and they were so close to the ground level the doors were ploughing the field. Thanks Col
  18. The wreckage of a F22 has been located in Alaska. No news on the pilot I am afraid. Perhaps someone will post more Regards Col
  19. He has a long way to go yet. We had a C130E Loadmaster down here who over 15 years ago, had 16100 hours in his book Regards Col
  20. I take my hat off to you, having walked that way to. Nice to a lovely old house brought back to its former glory. have you thought of soda washing the outside as it will save lots of time but I do not know if over there it is expensive. Do not as Tiny said to use the right headed nails for the correct side of the house. Regards Col
  21. I for one dips my lid to you. Any one who flies the C130 plus helps preserve history is a fine person. Hope that all your nails drive straight and the heads of your screws do not shear off. Regards Col
  22. Tiny from all of us down under, we send our best wishes and prayers that we hope will support you and yours. So sad to see someone so young taken. With every deep concern Regards Col
  23. Flown by Matt Hall ex RAAF FA18 pilot. An exceptional pilot. Regards Col
  24. Flown by Matt Hall ex RAAF FA18 pilot. Would suggest he is well above average pilot. Regards Col
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