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Dan Wilson

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George, yes the manufacturer says 60 degrees but remember lockheeds data provided to the customer is a recommendation for safe operations, the user can use the aircraft however they like.....but must be willing to accept the consequences. The airplane flies fine in a 90 if the pilot does his job, I have even been to (approx)110 degrees and no problem (another story altogether).

For example, the navy allows an exception - see the blue angels herk every show.



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Yeah Dan the fact that the aircraft spied on the pilot was something that the old E and H pilots had to adjust to. The aircrafts maintenance computers informed maintenance of things like overspeeds, over banks, heavy landings, stalls and other items that we usually only heard about if it was obvious that it had occured or if the crew had a feeing that they may have done some damage.

One good incident i do recall was an overspeed and overbank on one flight which went unreported. It showed up on the download from the aircraft. We approached the crew on whether it actually occured and they denied it. As it also showed them exceeding 2g an inspection was iniated by our engineering officer and as we only had two J\'s at that time it was not a popular move to ground the plane. Our CO enquired as to why, was shown the information and finally the crew admitted to what had occured. From then on, crews became a bit more honest (and careful)in what they had done whilst flying as they knew we\'d see it on our maintenance information.

I believe (it was a few years ago so the memory may be a bit hazy)that as long as crews didn\'t exceed 2g over 60 degrees of bank Lockheed said no inspection was required.

Greywolf i believe the RAF also call their C-130\'s Fat Alberts. I have heard the term used down here in Oz on the odd occasion as well for our C-130\'s.

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