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Picture of the Week Desert One Crew


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Republic 04 Crew:

Standing, Left to Right:

Bakke, Bancroft, Mayo, McIntosh, Lewis, McMillan, Beyers, and Harrison.

Kneeling, Left to Right:

Dryer, McLain, Witherspoon, Tuttle, Marine, and Walton. [img size=502]http://herkybirds.com/images/fbfiles/images/Republic_04_Crew.jpg

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I\'m sure that Dave Chesser and I crossed paths at some time, but I can\'t remember exactly when or where. He\'s not listed in the local phone book.

We have a Combat Talon Reunion coming up in Fort Walton Beach this Memorial Day weekend--who knows, he may show up for that. I plan to be there, and hope there is a good turn-out.


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***Unofficial Info*****

Combat Talon Reunion

Sponsored by: 7th ACS and Stray Goose, combined

Inviting all Combat Talon, past and present

Quality Inn Bayside

322 Miracle Strip Parkway

Fort Walton Beach, FL


Rooms-Reunion rate= $115.00 (reserve by 29 April)

Friday May 30th----------Wurst Burn/Social

Saturday May 31st--------Pig Roast picnic

Sunday June 1st AM--------Memorial Service

The 7th Commando Newsletter reported that details would be posted on their website (although I haven\'t seen it yet):


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Guest cobra935o

There is a street on Hurlburt named Mayo, and the only way you get one of those is.... I thought his first name was Joel, but maybe people called him Joe, buts it has been awhile since I have looked at any of that stuff.

All of the names of the dead are also in the memorial to them on Hurlburt, outside the chapel. When I left there in 97, it was in need of a paint job, and some general maint, hopefully they took care of that.


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