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  1. Johnny Womack, John McCall, Gene Faircloth, Bill Cannon are some names that come to mind.
  2. I'm not sure Paulo. All my career was on APN-59 on C-130's and Multi-mode on C-5 with a couple of years on MH-53 with APQ-158 Terrain-Following. Never worked on color weather radar. Need to get an answer from someone else on the color weather radar.
  3. Start by checking the waveguides between the R/T and Antenna.
  4. I agree with you Dutch. This guy doesn't know what he is saying.
  5. I don't know why McGowan keeps saying the maintenance people didn't fly on Blind Bat missions. I was Radar Nav and I made three TDY's to Ubon and I flew Blind Bat Missions once a month, every month I was there, as you said to get the combat pay and tax exemption. Every maintenance person and crew chief I knew that went TDY to Ubon flew the missions for the same reason. I flew with E-Flight my last 2 years at Naha and at CCK. In E-Flight at Naha we were awarded crew member wings and I also was awarded an Air Medal. The Blind Bat missions were counted in the flights for the Air Medal.
  6. You picked the right airplane for the picture Dutch. Abeautiful old A-Model. I loved the A-Model.
  7. When you have worked on the B-52 and the F-4 and other planes it makes you realize just how much you love the C-130's.
  8. The author is David Kirk Vaughan. The book was available on Amazon.
  9. On the Blind Bat Patch it should be 374 TAW, not TCW. At least from 1968 on it was TAW. Gary
  10. GaryRobinson


    I would order one of those also Casey if you can make the print. Gary Robinson
  11. That is great news Tommy. I am glad someone finally responded. Gary
  12. 56-0542 is not on this list. I am pretty sure it was given to the VNAF.
  13. The HELL they didn't. I went to Ubon twice, Cam Rahn Bay 3 times, and TSN once. There were also many side trips to Da Nang, etc. Don't tell me Blind Bat troops didn't go to SVN. Gary Robinson
  14. True, to some extent all of the legislation that passes through congress is political and the President does have to sign the bills in order for them to become law. I just know that I retired in 1992 in Austin, TX and a couple of years latter Bergstrom AFB closed and we ended up on TRICARE Prime. Almost ever since, DoD has tried one way or another to increase annual enrollment, raise co-pays, etc. The S*** never stops and it does not make any difference if there is a Republican or Democratic Administration. Both sides of the political process are part of the problem. The only way to really start resolving the issues is to clean house and senate and sent the whole bunch packing, Republican and Democrat. If they don't start working together and cooperate on things nothing is ever going to get better.
  15. This has nothing to do with Obama. DoD has been trying to cut TRICARE and medical expenses for years. I had to stop going to the pharmacy at Randolph a number of years ago because all of a sudden they no longer carried any of the prescriptions my wife or I used. That was during the G. Bush administration. These changes have abolutely nothing to do with whatever party happens to be in the White House.
  16. What Becky Sager really needs is one of the Blind Bat troops to step up a vouch for her husband being at Ubon and TDY to SVN. If anyone remembers him and can sign a paper to vouch for him being in country is what she needs. Hopefully there is one of the old Crew Chiefs out there that remembers him and will do this for their benefit. Gary Robinson
  17. Proposed Reunion. 374 TAW, 21st TAS, E-Flight at Naha, CCK, and Clark during the 1960s and 1970s. Contact Tommy Norton at (828)279-4803, [email protected] or Gary Robinson at (512)292-1629, [email protected]. Also, if anyone has any information or knows the whereabouts of any of the following please contact Gary Robinson at (512)292-1629 or [email protected]. Jerry M. Karr Team Leader/Crew Chief Thomas L Layo Asst Crew Chief, C-130A 56-0503 Daniel R. (Robby) Robertson Crew Chief, C-130A 56-0542 George M. (Mike) Dintleman Crew Chief, C-130A 56-0523 last in Georgia / Tennessee Gerald L. Depew Asst Crew Chief, C-130A 56-510 James B. Collins, Jr. Asst Crew Chief Randy Brashears Nav/Radar Maintenance Carl R. Hill Engine Maintenance Jim Boka Engine Maintenance Curtis F. O'Leary MA Maintenance Freddie W. Worrell ????? Jose M. Gonzales ????? Clifford W. Moore ????? Noland W. Northcutt ????? James M. Roofener Electrician Russell B. Kamp Electrician Philip (NMN) Elizondo Electrician Fred Clinard Loadmaster John McFall Loadmaster SMSgt David Howell Loadmaster, last known to be in San Antonio, TX area Jerry Quintana Loadmaster SMSgt Richard (Rich) Primo Flt Engineer MSgt John McCall Flt Engineer, last heard of as WVA ANG Advisor Don Lavelle Flt Engineer Lt Col Cecil Y Holland Jr. Pilot Lt Col Dick Hansen Pilot Capt. David Spencer Harmon Pilot John W Feutz Navigator John Rogers Navigator Joe B. Wiser Don Martin Capt Golden Pilot Lt ? Anderson Pilot Maj Lynn M Siau Navigator Maj Jim Cinotto Navigator Maj Soltysiak Navigator Major Sam Pearris Administrative
  18. I read that book a few months ago and really enjoyed it Bob. It is a good book. Gary Robinson
  19. The top picture was sent to me by Dean Cole. The second picture of everyone (including families) with the last bird was given to me by Fred Peffer when I got to CCK because he knew I wasn't able to participate in the picture taking ceremony. I remember all the people in the top picture but the names of the flight crew members have escaped me. Top Row: Left to Right (unknown; unknown; Col Greenhill (Wing Commander deceased); Col Rehwaldt (E-Flight Commander); unknown; unknown) Bottom Row: Left to Right (Burris (Dean) Cole (MA); Richard (Dick) Green (Hydraulics, deceased); unknown (loadmaster); Fred Peffer (Crew Chief, deceased); unknown (Flt Engineer); Richard A. Gregorio (crew chief); Jerry M. Karr (crew chief) Anyone that can help remember the other names of the flight crew members would be appreciated. I don't know how you got them to scan so good Bob. The quality I got when I scanned didn't come out near that good. Great Job. Gary Robinson
  20. The IFF was by the Crew Door on the C-130A. There was no SKE on the A's. The IFF and SKE both were in the hog trough on the E's. There was a code to set in SKE and the Mode-4 code on the IFF KY-95 unit. The IFF mode-4 key was a 4-digit "code of the day". It has been too many years for me to remember what the code for the SKE was.
  21. McPeak was Chief of Staff from 10/90 until 10/94 and really made a lot of changes, some of which did not last, but he really started changing things in 88 when he took over PACAF.
  22. Weren't the rollers used called Skates? I know it was a quick way to bust your A## if you weren't careful.
  23. Chaining or strapping the down. Anyway, it was a stack of the metal pallets being returned and they weren't tied down good. The E-Flight birds did not have the dual rails installed.
  24. I didn't remember having to replace the belly Tommy. Guess that is age catching up. I do remember on 63-7879 when the loadmaster's failed to chain the pallets down good and they slammed into flight station 245 and tore everything up. What a hell of a mess. I know it took a lot of work to fix it back up. Still have a lot of good memories though of Naha and CCK both. Gary
  25. I don't know about the incident report but the Pilots were shooting touch N go's at Tianan and go tired of the gear warning horn going off. The engineer was told to pull the circuit breaker and everything was fine until they landed with the gear down. No horn to warn them!!!!!!!!!! The plane was jacked up, gear lowered, checked out and flew to CCK where the damage (mostly sheared off antennas) was repaired. Gary
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