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67 ARRS RAF Woodbridge

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Guest HercMx

I arrived from TSN in summer of '71... Took over the Field Maints branch... Lived in Grundisburg most of the time... Was there watching when the Sicorsky(?) crew crashed a -53B doing a loop.. Going to the Farnsbrough air show with it... Spent a lot of time at the Aero Club as mx and duty pilot... Carried F-4 aircrews back and forth to the Bitburg alt. chamber.. Took terminal assignment to Tyndall AFB Fla. for retirement.. Spent seven years in USAFE and hated to leave each time...


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Wasn't DET 14 at Keflavik part of the 67th? If so I worked on your 130s and the Jollys when I was in the 57th FIS Jun 77-Jun 78. Apparently they didn't assign any avionics types to the Det and we did all the work as transient acft. They didn't even have Air Force vehicles; used Navy "loaner" trucks.

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I was in the 67th at Woodbridge from 1985 - 1992. I crewed HC-130N 69-5826 "Da Hacker" the entire time I was stationed there. Kind of sad if you look at the base on youtube and facebook, Google, etc. Some of it is still in use but a lot of it is overgrown. It's amazing what 17+ years of neglect can do to a base. Bentwaters is worse....

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In the summer of 1985, the tail numbers were:

65-0962 - Departed in July to be converted to Compass Call

66-0220 - The Last Dragon

69-5820 -

69-5823 - Skippy

69-5826 - Da Hacker

69-5827 - The King

Later, we received:

69-5831 - Twisted Sister

66-0223 - Christine

We traded 5831 for:

65-0973 -

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