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  1. Also note the FE has throttle and prop controls too!
  2. Sheesh, I'm a fighter too. (Of course I was on Phantoms more than half my career) but I at least figured I get "bomber".
  3. Dan lives closer to Great Lakes; I'm a toss up between the 2 but it wouldn't pay unless you were buying 6 months worth of groceries. Dan, From looking at your pictures, I would put straw bales around the bottom of the trailer to help your heat tape...particularly on the NW corner. Before we put our double wide on a basement we had frozen pipes in the winter regularly and learned all of the insulating tricks.
  4. I guy named Bob retired from his first job in his early 50s; after a short time he realized he needed something else to do or he would go nuts. He took a job at a small production company and excelled at everything he was assigned and took the initiative to to improve/streamline things. He only had one fault....he was 5-15 minutes late every morning. Finally his boss called him in....."Bob, we're very pleased with your performance, in fact you've exceeded all expectations except one. You're late every morning. Now I see here that you retired from the Air Force; I can't believe an outfit like that would tolerate something like this. Did this happen there too?" "Yes" "Well what did they say to you when you came in late?" "'Good Morning General'"
  5. Tiny, I've wondered about that name too but the game is huge up in this area of Indiana. They sell the sets at flea markets, etc and you see ads for "Cornhole Scoreboards" (the picture that brings to mind). Apparently the name has a different meaning to us!
  6. Shades of "What The Captain Means"! I love it
  7. No guessing about it; as an old QA weenie I'll confirm that! Being thought of as "the Bad Guys" all the time will do that (guess the black hats didn't help).
  8. TSgtRet


    In the same general vein; society , in general. has become so dependent on GPS, Garmin, Map Quest, OnStar, etc that when you give them directions like "go North on I 69, then go East on I 80" you will almost always get: "which way is North?"....... So you bite your tongue and say, very slowly and distinctly: "Follow the sign that says 'Lansing' then follow the one that says 'Toledo'" GRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!
  9. As a Nav-Aids weenie I got to see a variety of airframes during my career. Besides the Herks at Pope (and TDY HCs at Kef) here is what and where: KC and EC-135s Grissom KCs Fairford and Castle B-52G and H Castle C-131/T-29, O-2 Pope F-4C, F-4E & T-33 Keflavik HH-3s (TDY) Keflavik RF-4C Bergstrom and Zweibrucken T-39 Bergstrom
  10. When I was stationed at Keflavik in 1977 we had brand new Greek F-4s and Israeli A-4s ferry through, all wearing U.S. markings. At least the F-4s looked more or less like the SEA camo but the A-4s with the desert camo and non-subdued U.S. markings were a bit obvious.
  11. Welcome back, Dan and Welcome to Indiana! We're on wireless DSL where we live; the local (small) phone company puts an antenna on your house that is aimed at a reciever that is tied into the DSL (ours is aimed at an antenna on a feed mill); no problems or complaints so far, have had it almost a year. BTW if you brought your lawn tractor with you, you'll need to check out a new attachment......s-n-o-w-p-l-o-w.
  12. I think that must have been it; the picture (though framed) looked like a newspaper clipping with the "Speed Record" caption added.
  13. I have some Muslim friends (U.S. citizens) and they don't want to claim him either! I will admit that I agree with some of the things he says but wish they were voiced by someone with credibility; anything he says sounds like it needs to accompanied by a 60s sitcom laugh track.:confused:
  14. I have forwarded ths to all of my conservative friends and one liberal friend (with a sense of humor). Thanks Tiny!
  15. She sounds like a "promote ahead of peers" to me, resourceful, thinking on her feet.
  16. Another thread here prompted a memory. When I was at Pope I remember a picture (think it was at 3rd Aerial Port) of a big ball of metal that used to be a tank. The story was that it happened during a LAPES on Bragg someplace, no chutes or a "bad bounce" or something similar. Anyone have any memory of this? It was around the 73-75 time frame.
  17. My memory is somewhat hazy but remember some of these as being silver and black instead of "in color". And, yes, I remember hearing a CC bi***ing about them being gone after his plane came back from a TDY.
  18. TSgtRet

    Signing Off

    Welcome to Indiana, did you can any sunshine and bring it with you? You may need it this coming winter!
  19. SAC Maintenance worked graves, primarily, so we gathered in the coffee shop about 2330.....there was always this one CC that stayed up all day and had an espresso with 4 sugars before we left for work. Until about 0430 he was pinging off the walls, after that he was like a deflated balloon, almost had to load him in the Suburban for the trip back to the hotel. Camel burgers? Now you tell me! I still have my card someplace and still have my "get out of jail slip" in my wallet.
  20. Mine was the 57FIS dining facility in the Orderly Room building at Keflavik (77-78). I was told they set it up (legally?)as an offshoot of the Alert barn facility. I'm a Navy brat and the Navy chow at Kef was some of the worst I ever saw. Maybe not best but plentiful was the the Alyamama Hotel in Ryadh, where we lived for ELF-1 (79-81) and you could eat 23 out of 24 hours a day on the King's tab. Never did get used to beef "bacon" though.
  21. DITTO! And no post involving a WWII/Korea Vet will ever be "too long".
  22. Ah yes let's take political correctness to the extreme.:mad: "If your child can read thank a teacher...." If your child has the right to choose what to read, THANK THE MILITARY!"
  23. Tiny, there are no words to express how sorry I am to hear of this. My thoughts are with you. Dave Tefft
  24. Yes, but what do you do when the right handed framistan gets out of phase with the freen?
  25. Do you suppose he should have used the T.O. or perhaps a Job Guide would have sufficed? Looked like all of the NavAids types I ever worked with.
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