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SPR panel


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63 E models through 1st gen Hs have a light on the SPR panel. It is labled;





(Light is

placed here)



My instructor told me what it was about way back when but that brain cell was KIA. I know the plane won't blow up if you turn the switch off with dump pumps on.

What say the HerkyBird members, why did they put that light there?

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Interesting bit of nostalgia, I have flown that series of C-130 and never noticed that placard/sticker. The answer may have a commercial herk connection. All Commercial herks have several additional items which separate them from their military (non-certificated) brethren. One of those items is the selector switch on the refueling panel. On commercial herks the master switch is also the MAIN AC bus tie switch. There was one C-130 (N919SJ) ex-SAT bird where the light switch itself was the bus tie switch. I don't recall that there was any placard on these airplanes. I think we all just knew that.

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hey agarrett. My 64 model (64-0556) had that placard and light.I always wondered that too. by the way;check your messages.

We cut thr SPR panel out of 556. It was weathered so bad you couldnt read the writing. we did salvage some gages for the Fuel Control panel though.

i think it closed the center wing valve.

Not sure which center wing valve your talking about. The offload valve?

The offload valve closing with dump pumps on does'nt damage anything.

The fact that it was labled as a Warning tells me whoever wrote it thought it would would hurt somebody.

The First commercial herks did not come along until 1965 and these were on earlier e models?


Yea Bob, the light showed up when the "X"valves that open and close on takeoff and landing. 63-7something.

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On older USMC versions the Panel Light power source (CB) for the light was the same as the fuel level control valves on the left side so that was the "Beer question" at the SPR for us... you always turned the light on to see if you had "lost" power...Damn Instructors!!!!

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