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  1. My name is David, go by the user name venom 66, I was a crew chief from aug 89 to aug 94. Did my time in Desert Shield/Storm. its been 16 years since Ive been a civilian, and not a day goes by that I dont miss working on those E models. Hell, I even miss the CP-5 seat rigs, leading edge removal, and even pulling floor panels. You have a wonderous career ahead of you.Although I imagine your time will be spent on the newer models. As a crew chief on one of the new J mods said to me at a recent airshow at MacDill AFB, "Hell, these things dont break, we just keep em clean" anyways, keep your eyes and ears open, and dont be afraid to ask questions. Best of luck to you!!
  2. Hello all, been a while since I was on. But I was looking at an issue of Airforces Monthly magazine from I think june / july 2010 issue, and there was an article about Boeing receiving a contract to bring the F-16's out of storage and convert them to target drones. Anywho, there was a pic of two 16's sitting there in the boneyard,with a 130 in the background with tailcode, YJ, and it looked like it was 7803. Now I thought the acft was sold to Tunisia. Anyone have any info?
  3. Over in Desert Storm, with the 345th TAS / 374 TAW, we were sitting in the truck one day an this little guy named vinnie from I think Willow Grove (reserve C-130 unit) told us that 63-7879 and 64-0497 were ex Air America birds. We said 'no way' but then he pointed out that those two acft didnt have data plates in the flt deck. He told us he worked them in Vietnam before they got 'reassigned'.
  4. Go overseas first. You get to do alot of things you dont get to do stateside. I was stationed at Yokota as a FNG,and was pissed. But the more things i got to experience, both on and off base were very exciting, in terms of local culture, food and esp the TDY'S.
  5. i dont know who told you that info, but i was eng run qual'ed myself at pope in '93, and my instructor told us that practice had been abandoned long ago.
  6. when i was at pope in '93, i heard a story of a cc that jumped chocks during an eng run and simply taxied it around and back in the spot. but i didnt believe it much as that would have been pretty difficult without wing walkers.
  7. thanks don, me an numbers dont get along so well these days. might have been n479c.
  8. Yesterday, 10 feb, I saw a civilian 130 on final to Tampa International airport. It looked like a stretched h model. it was all white with a skinny blue stripe mid way down the fuselage, running from nose to tail, with regs no: n497c. Can anybody id that herc? I suppose it was carrying wounded haitians. thanx to all.
  9. Hey skip, thanks for the reply. I just read about you in a book called "the commando's" by douglas waller. I was stationed there at King Fahd with the 374th TAW while you were there.
  10. I have a question for the prop guys: as a crew chief, i was taught that when you feathered a prop,everything was shut off. hyd fluid,oil,elect,fuel, etc. A man by the name of Eric L Haney was a delta force operator and in his book,'inside delta force' he states that on that failed hostage rescue mission in iran in the middle of the desert in 1980, that the 130 he was on,'the engines continued to run,but the props were feathered'.All of my teaching says thats impossible. Or was he mistaken? Did they feather the props and he heard the GTC running? Would the crews even have shut down the eng's in that circumstance? Anyone know any extra info that they are allowed to share? thanx guys.
  11. hey all. I have two stories of herk bites.They happened 20 yrs ago, but still fresh in my mind. the first one was at yokota one nite on grave shift.I was working a bird for a 0600 launch that nite.I had to do a bpo,prop ck,flap lube and rig a cp-4 by myself,so i was a little tired when i was cleaning the windows in the flt deck,sitting in the pilots seat,and closed the the swing window and in the time it took to switch the rag from one hand to the other, that sum bitch swung open and cracked me right in the skull!I yelled some 4 letter words,put my hand on my face and had blood from fingertip to wrist!just then the flt eng comes up the stairs,see's me and says friggen swing window,huh? the second was one day,also at yokota, I went to sit down on the crew door an sign off some write ups and wasn't quite far back enough when I sat down and caught the last bone of my spine on the very edge of that crew door! I jumped at least 6' in the air and everything went white!! I hobbled around like an old cowboy till I could stand up straight and walk. scared the holy hell out of me in addition to hurtin like hell!!!!
  12. heres a story:i was working grave shift at yokota ab 1992 on acft 63-7803,yokota's "haunted bird",at about midnight,the acft parked by its lonesome out on hardstand 3,no other planes for a couple of spots,but one h model across on alpha row.I had to do a pre dep insp (anyone remember those?) so i got the power unit running,went inside to turn power on. Both troop doors were closed as were the ramp and door.There were no seats set up,just the rollers on the floor with two red PAX kit boxes strapped down in the middle with one roll of masking tape sitting on the boxes.Couldnt find the pre dep cklist, so i shut down power and walked across to the alpha row to borrow a ck list from another acft.Had a smoke with the CC on that bird out back of the acft,noticing that no one went on or pulled up to the plane i was working,then went back to do the insp.When I turned power back on and went into the cc, that roll of tape was on the floor next to 245,and the top box was open! It wasnt very much, but it scared the bejesus out of me!! needless to say,I did the fastest pre dep insp in history!!
  13. Welcome to the world of the C-130.My name is David, (nickname Woody)I was a CC from 90 to 94,and got to do and see quite a lot of things.Keep your eyes and ears open and learn everything you can.You have a wealth of knowledge on this website,dont be afraid to ask a question.I wish herkybirds was up and running when I was in.There will be times when you wish you could pick the acft up and throw it across the fltline,but that is part of the job. take care, kick ass, and welcome to the club.
  14. I was going thru my e-mail on yahoo and by mistake deleted an e-mail before I read it, from a 'skin man' about acft 72-1299.I looked thru the members list but could not find. Skin,if you see this,please re-send that e-mail. thanx bro.
  15. hello all, David here, call sign venom 66, wishing everyone a happy veterans day to all of you who proudly served our country.
  16. hey cajuncrewchief, I was at Yokota from 91 to 93.I was a 3rd wipe on 1299.Good bird back then.I flew on her many times. She even deployed with us to Desert Shield/Storm in 91.
  17. this one time was an un-intentional antic but gave me a chuckle later. On my first TDY out of Yokota as a FNG,during the flight,the other crew chief decided to take me in the CC and play a round of "whats this?". I really couldn't figure out why most of the 20 or so passengers were watching us and getting very visibly nervous, until later that day I realized what they were seeing: 2 crew chiefs standing there with one pointing up and the other one (me) standing there with a puzzled look shaking my head.When we landed at Osan, the pax couldn't get off the bird fast enough!
  18. heres one that I only heard about but not witnessed; on a trip from Yokota to I think Osan,the cargo comp was full of RoK Army paratroops,when the Flt eng 'pukes' in a clear plastic bag,ties it off an then hands it to the first guy and gives the pass it back sign.As it makes it way to the back,half the guys are puking,the other half as green as their uniforms.The loadmaster finally gets it,opens it and starts to DRINK IT!! Everyone on board loses it and they had to abort the jump cuz of all the puke.After landing,a korean guy with a firehose tried to wash it out,but he ended up losing his lunch.From what I heard The WHOLE flt crew got put on do not fly status for a week. this happened I wanna say mid eighties?
  19. Here's a joke I heard back in 90 when I was a fresh FNG on the flightline: note: this joke applies to any branch,so I'll give you the AF version. 3 Generals and an Admiral are sitting around a campfire, each bragging about which branch has more balls, the army gen cant stand it anymore and sees a soldier walking and by and calls him over and says, "soldier, I want you to run out on the battlefield and kill me 150 tanks and bring me back 1500 POW's!" The gen turns to the others and says see?The marine gen goes, "that aint sh#t!" and when he sees a marine walk by, he says, "marine,run out on the battlefield and kill me 250 tanks and bring me back 2500 POW"s!" so then he looks at the others and goes "ooh rahh,top that!" The Admiral goes, that aint sh%t jarhead and when he sees a seaman walk by, he says," seaman, I want you to swim the worlds oceans and sink me 300 enemy battleships and bring me back 3000 POW's!'" So the Admiral looks at everyone and flips them off. Meanwhile,the AF gen is sitting back nice and quiet when he sees an airman walking by with a case of beer.He says "Airman, come here!" When the airman approaches, the gen says "Airman give me that case of beer!" the airman says "f##k you sir this is mine,get your own!" so the AF gen looks at the others and says, "see,now that's balls!!"
  20. I had a FE write up, "banging noise coming from wing center dry bay-sounds like a little man with a hammer" so the crew chief I was working with at the time, a short timer, wrote in the corrective action block after we insp'd the wing center dry bay, "removed hammer from little man."- and he signed 'M.Mouse WITH HIS OWN MAN # !!
  21. speaking of acft wreckage at guam,i was the cc on a typhoon relief mission to anderson in 93.a marine c-130 was parked in a fuel cell hanger and was not moored down and the plane just bounced up and down in the hanger damaging the ramp,cargo door,right wingtip,and the elevators. Also,the b-52 that was on static display was picked up off its mounts by the wind and set down about 10 to 15 feet away.An f-4 that was also on display was just a ball of junk.And one of those 'golf ball' covered radar towers was found about a mile away.
  22. Back in tech school,in Mac Track, our instructor,a black tech sgt whose name escapes me,had a lockheed fact book about the C-130.He would give us what he called "gee whiz type information" ( not really useful,but when you hear it you go,wow gee whiz). Does anyone know about these books and more importantly had to get one? thanx.
  23. Back in August 2003, I attended a reunion of the 374th TAW in St.Louis,and sitting right next to the fence next to the highway at the airport was the fuselage of an F-4.Does anybody that lives in St.Louie know about that? Just curious,as the F-4 was my first love as a kid growing up next to MacDill AFB here in Tampa.
  24. Ooohhh raahhh casey!!
  25. that was even better than the "airplanes versus women" someone posted back in the old herc headquarters days. I couldnt hardly read the screen from laughing. OUTSTANDING JOB!!!!!!!
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