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After Takeoff Checklist


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looking at some (but not all) recent dash-ones, it appears that they deleted the sub step: "rudder boost pressure - checked" on the flaps retraction step. Wonder if there is a reason for this? The books do caution still in section 5 about full or abrupt rudder inputs with high boost. Maybe that substep was never in some of the manuals? It was in the L-382 manuals and the ones Lockheed sells the foreign customers, as I recall.

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For some reason I got the "pinch" when reading/talking about the order of degree when mentioning "Note", "Caution" or "Warning. Had to break out the old -1 and found I still had some sanity left:

"Note: Operating procedures, techniques, etc which are considered essential to emphasize"

"Caution: Operating procedures, techniques, etc which could result in damage to equipment if not carefully followed"

"Warning: Operating procedures, techniques, etc which could result in personal injury or loss of life if not carefully followed"

Of course theres always the para about "Sound Judgement" on the preceding page but in the note, caution and warning lineup I'm a thinking (my old evaluator node) warning is the top dog when talking "uh oh's"

As to the checklist concern - sorry, can't help Ya there without talking with an FE - sorry!

Ya'll behave or just don't get bloody caught!

Bert "Rowdy"

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