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Pulley Assy


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I believe he is talking about the pully assemblies we use in conjunction with the static line retreivers for CDS airdrops. The -9 is the loadmasters bible/TO for onloading/offloading and airdrop of equipment.

Thunder: I looked around but couldn't find a P/N for you.

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The only two pulley I see mentioned in any of the books I have are the Snatch Block cable pulley, and the Overhead Delivery System hoist pulley.

I don't have a copy of the -9, so i can't see what pulley you guys are referring to, or where it is.

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Let me go to my old memory bank, One part was a strap that was hung around the

overhead framework supporting the Hog trough at the ramp hinge. This could be fabricated

at the parachute shop. The pully could be picked up at Home Depot or any hardware

store. As long as you could support the diameter of the static line retrever cable and

was strong enough. That's all I can remember

Rg Glenn Secrest

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We ran into that issue a few years back. Seems some of that stuff made it to the desert, but didn't quite find it's way home.

Glenn hit it right on the money, although I'm not sure about the Home Depot portion. I think we ended up rooting through parts bins in maintenance to find what was needed and ordered it.

There are a number of different connector straps, I think with NSN part numbers on them. I'm not sure where to direct you on those.

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