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Combat Talon I aircraft going to Bone Yard

Skip Davenport

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Umm... Wow, that totally sounds like how fuel problems still go down over here today. :D The price of being a tenant unit I guess.
I was her DCC then, I believe. I think we were heading home from Kuwait, and I was going to start my cross-training when we got home. I had to leave her in Mildenhall to make it home on time.....broke my heart.
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I remember when triple nick came thru Mildenhall about 10yrs ago.... had a fuel cell issue... the USAFE guys towed it in and out of the barn three times (saying it was fixed?)..... AFSOC had enough of the "towing practice"..... sent in a dedicated AFSOC team... a/c was FINALLY fixed and flown home.

I think I was her DCC at the time. Was heading home from Kuwait, and I was schedule for cross-training to engineer. Had to leave her behind, and it broke my heart! Also, I had to de-rig her Fulton gear later during one of the breaks in my year-long retraining schedule....again broke my heart to do THAT!

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