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MAFFS Training; When & Where?


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North Caralina Air Guard 145th.

Normally the host unit runs the show or at least provides the spot. The USFS really who runs it and watches over safety standards both ground and air.

Our unit has been outfitted with the latest MAFFS II unit that sequential, rather than the all in one dump. The new system dumps out the left paratroop door instead out the ramp.



The glory part about the system is hardly any clean up after flights . With the old system it would just cover the tail section , beaver tail, elevators and mist inside the ramp doors. All of our birds after so many hours had to be sent to depot to have the aft end of the aircraft removed and stripped and painted.

After MAFFS during the fire season it would come home for aircraft wash, the ramps floor deck would all have to come out along with D/Rails to be cleaned.

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Oh wow, they finally finished testing the new system huh? We had started testing back before I retired. It was dog eat dog for a long time with all the testing criteria that was required. The lead test engineer was a civil service friend collocated with us at the 339th. I think he got tired of dealing with all the crap involved and turned it over to someone else before he retired.

I was gonna try and get qualified flying the Charlotte but never happened.

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